One more time , more learning experience


@Lostscuba Yes they have. One is much bigger than the other and both have roots coming out of the rapid rooters. Both look good so far.


Are u going with soil to grow them?


@lostscuba DWC just like last time.


Ok good faster that way and I heard 100% yield increase


I don’t mind giving advice to newer growers. I’m into my 3rd ILGM grow and have learned a ton. I have a 4x4x8@6ft. I love LST. It is very beneficial and this round I’m doing plants under LST. Did not top. I will prune lower branching this weekend but I’m growing 8 plants of 6 strains. You’re welcome to check me out and ask questions anytime. This forum is phenomenal. The company itself is phenomenal. Just ask we are all here to help each other become better.


@viktor7 Thank you so much.
I enjoy reading about everyone’s experiences and learning new things. I know that I will continue to have questions along my journey.


Show pic of baby’s it’s time to start your journal ??? My baby has been stunted she’s grow but slowly


Haha. Im same stage like u are. I have 5th or 6th ILGM (overall with all “TRY GROWS” maybe 10-12) grow and right now Im 8 plants 6 strains. What a coincidence. :champagne::beers:
First real grow happens with help and support here. Some bag seeds. Then next thing what i was do is ordering seeds. :+1:


@beginner2d I had some that were going pretty well. Then I had two deaths in the family and had to leave them with a sitter , which didn’t turn out too well. This is my second attempt and I seem to have a midget lol. They are 9 days old so maybe the other one will catch up who knows. It’s a lot of fun, but I get anxious when weird stuff happens.:blush:


I have plants nurse too who knows what to do, luckly.
First grows was really anxious to me too. But now Im loosen up.
Never had away more than 5 days.
First grows i basically live in tent :grin:
Now i go when they want food and water. Or training.


@beginner2d you growing soil or hydro?


Dirt. Cant acess direct water there. No tarp too.


I’m trying to balance decent medium water air mix. I was skeptical about roots and DWC So I’ve been having pots submerged on bubblers this time I changed the medium to perlite and spragnum Moss ultralight mix very little nutrients plants do have initial 1 gallon potting soil perlite mix around initial roots which I’m pretty sure is about gone by now. The plants have just about locked into the pots


@Viktor7 It is amazing how quickly things happen in the water. I have always killed house plants lol . This is also very exciting and educational.