One more time , more learning experience


Well after two family deaths and losing the northern lights x big bud babies I am giving it another try. I germinated two more seeds that are now 5 days old and have lots of roots . I am looking at this as a learning experience. How is everyone else doing? @GreenJewels , @okie70, @MattyBear , @Lostscuba


Sorry to hear about your family. I’m trimming today, so it’s good and bad for me haha :v:


Not to bad just playing in the garden sorry to here it yea you will lose plants you kinda get use to it but it’s good that your trying again


I would help you if I were there for the experience and just to help out.


Love playing in the garden it is so much fun and so exciting.


Sorry to her of you family losses.
I’m glad to hear your starting again. Congrats on your new seedling. :v::green_heart:


How did she manage to kill those I wouldn’t let her take care of my plants :seedling: if ur just starting check out the sea of green volume 1 2or 3 on YouTube it has showed me so much but plant care is the hardest for me


Thank you. I won’t give up that easy .


That’s good keep on keeping on it tagg u in my grows if that’s ok and you can see what’s going on ?


Yes please do. I love seeing what’s going on with other growers on here.
Thank you


@Lostscuba she kept top watering them and drown them . I will get over it and get to learn even more this time around. I had planned on doing LST , but may try sea of green . It is early yet so I will have to see what happens.


I went dark today for harvesting this weekend. So, just watching the other plants veg and tending to the few needs that they have.


@Familyman thank you for sharing it is great keeping up with other growers and seeing what their progress is .


I always got something growing on. Hehe


@Newbrn sorry for your losses in your family. Feel bad bout your plants as well, I’d be scruffed up over it myself, glad your already rooted and on your way again, keep posting


@Okie70 Thank you
I was upset at first , but with everything thing else going on I figured other than the money I was out I could only get more learning experience.
How are your girls doing?


What does that mean. I get the gist of 12/12, but what is this? :thinking:


Total darkness for a couple days stresses the plants and causes more resin production.


Cool, I’ll store that away for later (and hope I remember)


Have your baby’s pop there head up yet ???