One minute she’s standing tall, now she’s beat what am I doing wrong 😑

She’s either over watered, under watered ,or just tired after a long day of photosynthesis (my autos get like that at about hour 18 or 19 of their 20 hour days) what’s your water schedule/ amount


Using a lil under a half gallon, I’ve been trying to go by the weight of plants.
I was told not to let the water run off of them because of the fabric pots :expressionless:,

At first I was watering every 2 days, and feeding once a week

Easiest method

Get a saucer for under you pot. Keep that topped off with water and you’ll be fine

It’s one for her , I just didn’t carry it to brightest area with me (saucer)
However what do you mean keep it topped of with water ??

You ever use a flower pot that has a bottom plate?

You pour water in there every morning to make sure it’s filled up.

That way the plant will drink what it needs and you won’t drown it

Won’t that cause a mold issue?

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Well I did , growing with someone else . However I’m teaching myself at this Point , so it’s my first grow

I’m far from an expert but I regularly over watered my first grow repeatedly.

My indicator that it needs a drink is to sink my finger down into the soil
up until the second knuckle. If its damp, wait another day. If it’s dry. give
'em a drink. My problem has been solved ever since.
At least with over watering. Also remember, I’m still a noob and on my 2nd grow,
so take what I said with that in mind. However it seems to be working because my
current grow is freaking fantastic looking. (pats self on the back)

Sounds like and looks like your over watering. I only water every third or fourth day, seems to be working.


:heart_eyes: oh my goodness that is just beautiful

The plants need a wet to dry cycle when in soil. Water and then let it go.almost dry before watering again. Take note of the pots weight when watered and when dry so you can just lift the pot and know if you need to.water.

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At that size you definitely wanna do a full drench WHEN you water dont keep soaked …who ever told you dont water to run off I would second guess that because untill you got run off you should pour untill u have 20% of what you started with in a collection pan so you can see what your doing if you should do more… mix more nutes then you need because better to have a lil excess then not enough imo… what kinda soil u using sry if you said already

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I would stick to your drain to waste …that’s the method your doing is DTW (drain to waste) as in you want some waste …you want to partially wash out unwanted salt build up into avoid lockout ph problems and high ppm build up also locking out nutes

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Yes because they’re light weight now , I’m guessing heavy because I’d just watered them… Today it’s time to feed so I’ll make sure I let it run off…
They should grow a lil more by time I get off work Monday morning ! I’m praying

Make sure your dry about 2 to 3 inches down if your not dry dont feed wait a day

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That’s an auto or photo plant ?