One is doing well, the other isn't

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi again, I wanted to show you these 2 pics. One seems to be doing very well, the other I think might be showing its tap root?
What do you think?

The other 3 have not popped above soil. I let all 5 seeds sit separate cups of water for 36 hours or until I saw a tail. Then had a fine seed planting soil to plant them 1 to a cup of soil. I watered the soil and cut drain holes in each of the cups, the soil remains damp but not soaked.

I have them under LED white and blue lights about 5 inches above the tall seedling.

All suggestions are requested!


Looks like someone dropped the cup and stuffed the dirt back in upside down :slight_smile:
They both look alittle ruff

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The one on the left look’s to me very wet almost like mud. And
The one on the right needs more soil for support.


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It really looks like somebody has been screwing with them a lot. Moved around, poked at, pulled up from soil, put back, etc. The soil is also pulled away from the side of that cup a good deal. Maybe inconsistent watering? Drying out a bit?

Spray bottle man. Twice a day about 10 pumps each on medium mist.

The one on the top could use better light, maybe less water, and also looks like it’s been messed with which could cause a seedling to stress out majorly

Ya first thing i saw was soil looks compacted like someone watered it with a dump from a cup that pacted it down ad possibly shoved the seed deep or possibly out the drain hole. Use the spray bottle as suggested above. I was told to mist it until i see water coming out the bottom of the cup. Also make sure the water is distilled or has proper PH