One Hitter Brass or Aluminum

Any pros or cons of long term use of one hitters made out of brass or aluminum? If, been a using brass one for quite a friend said that was not a good thing?


Glass, invest in good glassware for smoking

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I’ve had both and prefer the brass. As far as health wise although I’ve heard tales that both aluminum and brass give you alzimers eventually but have never seen any real hard data on that

Glass would eliminate that issue (or non issue) but obviously very fragile compared to metal


Aluminum when welded gives off toxic fumes. Not sure how much it would do with just a lighter. But enough for me to steer clear. Just stick with glass, much safer option.


Ive seen (and used) all three.

Glass is by far easier on the mind for prolonged (everyday) usage.


Couldn’t possibly agree more with the recommendations for glass.

Grav “tasters” are very nice if you’re looking for something with a relatively small bowl.

If you want a true “dugout” experience, you may want to consider a Dynavap. I grabbed one, and now have several, I absolutely love them and the wood Dynastash is available with a dugout to take some bud on the go.

I know they aren’t your typical one hitter, but seriously, they are awesome…


I always used the one hitter that looked like a cigarette, and for appearances’ sake it was the only choice. Is that brass or aluminum?

I don’t care. My doc said no nicotine and no vaping. I like smoking so I can live with that. I’ve ditched the vape carts happily. Is dabbing considered vaping?

A good one hitter is, with a lighter, a self contained unit that is easily transported, discreet and high capacity. I hope I feel the same way with once I have Alzheimer’s.

I use a ceramic cigarette looking single hitter, no concerns with ceramic

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