One Godfather OG growing super fast, compared to my others

This is my first grow. I had 12/15 seeds germinate and all of the plants are doing well. One of them is doing so much better than others of the same variety and conditions. I’m guessing it’s a Pheno thing?

Does this mean I should try to take this one and clone it or produce feminized seeds from it or should I just let it be and enjoy it?


Still too early to tell Growmie but always a good thing seeing an early launch. Definitely take some cuttings from it and practice your cloning skills :love_you_gesture: welcome to the community


Welcome to the Community!! First grow and already a pheno hunter!! Cool!! :smiley:

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When would you recommend taking some cuttings to clone? A couple more months?

Thanks! I want to keep finding the best of the best and breeding them together to see how good of a strain I can create. Maybe I’ll cross gold leaf and Godfather OG to start with. Would that reduce the THC % from the godfather OG?

I think it would be interesting to see what happens if I used my do-si-dos auto flower to pollinate the Godfather OG. Has anyone done that before? Would that make an auto flower OG or just a really potent Photo?

I take the cuttings from the defoliation when I flip the light to 12/12 and generally around week 6 for me. Veg time for you would depend on how much room your grow space has. They’ll double in size during the stretch :love_you_gesture:


Thanks for the advice. This is a pretty informative group of growers here. I look forward to many future interactions with all of you.


Right on Grow Bro! This community provided me the best cannabis education out there. Tag me if you have any questions :love_you_gesture: