One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready & four to go!


Sorry things didn’t turn out quite the way you’d hoped, @Laurap. I hope that your buds serve you well! I’ll be curious to hear about the final tally.


Skywalker’s weight: 4oz. Didnt get to amnesia yet. Finished up skywalker & added an oz to oz of crystal i had left & started more tincture. Itll be @ least 2 weeks before ready. Wish i could grow more since one whole plant is dedicated to tinctures & i love to smoke as well as i have a 2nd tent but my breakers can hardly handle the one tent & dehumidifier. Honestly not too crazy about the la so far.


Four ounces from Skywalker is not shabby at all, @Laurap! Good job. Personally, I would be delighted to get 4 oz./plant from an indoor grow.


Each grow i want to do better. Last grow was a pound and half but all one strain. This time maybe 3/4 pound with 4 different strains. Next grow is gorilla glue #4, 2 bananna kish and a crystal. Ive gpt an additipnal tent but my trailer was made in the 70s & breaker cant hold up.



I wish I was there to run you a 20amp breaker and wires to where you want them in your house. I want to see you get that pound and half but I understand your breaker won’t handle or is barely handling them now


Its crazy. In winter (tents in bedroom) & summer both im trying to tweak it so i & they can br cool or hot. My breaker gets warm runnung what i do. Gotta have window a/c already running & central unit kicked on before i turn on dehumidifier or everything shuts down. Im in a 1970s single wide trailer & its not equipped for what im asking of it already. But wow would i love to put up that other tent. This growing is very theraputic. Wish i could groe outside. That would solve everything. Id get way more than lb & half. Lol


Amnesia haze yield: 3.5oz bud qtr oz sugar. So 14 oz bud. Only shy about a pound. Lol! Onward to next grow. Hppefully this will be last time i have to pay outrageous $ for medical as still illegal here in bible belt as this wpnt last. Already took an ounce & added to crystal i had left so have a out 2 and half oz in tincture.
Happy Growing to you all!!