One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready & four to go!


Gonna try to get some natural light pics. Ive got skywalker, la confidential, bananna kush & amnesia haze. Next grow will be gorilla glue #4, black widow, crystal & one of the ones growing now but cant decide which one. I use the crystal for tinrures so have one growing each grow.


Got to tell yall. I “accidently” knocked off a bud of bananna kush. I let my go till 50% amber so grow longer than most. Anyway the bananna trichs are milky with one or tolwo amber trichs. Hubby just told me we should go ahead & harvest her. But im waiting till monday.


Okay guys, harvesting la confidential & amnesia haze on monday. Will also be dropping a crystal, gorilla glue#4, havent decided whether to drop a bruce banner or black widow & another skywalker. Hoping to post over a pound & half this grow. Keeping fingers crossed for 2 pounds.
Think probably the black widow. She seems to be a dark horse here as crystal was & im definitely will have crystal on every grow. If your into tinctures she will kick your azz or smoking dont have anything planned. Lol


Congrats @Laurap

I just sprouted a banana kush cross that was gifted to me, eager to see it go!!

Your colas have the “heavies” and they look delish!!


Thanks sweetie! Think im finally getting the hang of it. Put LA in drying room for her 48 hours of darkness. Itll be a procession as amnesia comes down monday & a week after the zkywalker & bananna. The bud i took from the bananna was super potent & delish! Wish i could gear up 2 tents @ once but breakers can hardly support the 1 & house.


Hey @Laurap
Can i see a picture before you start chopping ? Lol

Last picture looked awesome your killing it woohoo

Hope all is well

I recently harvested my Bruce Banner and got 12 ounces dry of two plants
Not bad imho
Happy growing :v:️CB


Hey big guy! How are you & yours?. Skywalker is a monster. I honestly would prefer 3 plants in tent as ive learned less is more (1st grow tried 6) but cannot get thru hubbys head so compromised with 4. Each grow i cant wait to finish so i can start again!
Got a b banner, g glue & black widow in wings for next grow with a crystal for tincture. She makes a wonderful tincture. Ive got to get outta my safety zone & try to make tinctures like yall do. Each grow i attempt sonething new that i was afraid to do. This will be first sativa grow next time. Anyway pics:



Looking sweet they are leaning over nicely
Definitely less is more in this case
You plant s will grow to edges and then start growing up thats why the old school growers will tell you dont let your plants touch
Since they will giveway to each other
Keep up the great work
Glad we caught up been a super busy summer and I don’t get to hand on the threads like i used to


Looking great, @Laurap! I can’t guess how much you’re going to get off those plants, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be disappointing at all! Strong work. :clap:


Many thanks my friend!


Bountiful for sure well done


Thank you. Ill be posting the amount.


Ok all girls in darkness. LA is couple days ahead of everyon e else. Shes chopped & upside down.
For next grow ill be doing a crystal ( my tincture girl) & first time outta gate with sativas. A gorilla glue #4, a black widow (cant resist strains with warnings), & another bananna kush (hubbys already in love). Was going to do a banner instead of widow originally but both grow to be monsters & the other 3 i decided go go with are medium monstets.
Now if they would just dry. Lol
Had hoped growi g cannabis would give me patience, yeah right!!! I have learned to accept “It is what it is” several times.


Congratulations on your harvest. No pictures?


We’ll be looking forward to a pic or two of the fruits of your labor, @Laurap. Congratulations!


Top pic is LA Confidential. Other 3 i chop tomorrow nite. Will be sending weight when dry.
Pretty easy grow with few problems. Thank God! Last year was trying to harvest round Harvey.


Nice pics! You know it doesn’t really happen if there are no pics. Lol


Sorry sweetie, hibbys going thru his parnoia stage again. Just need to get this ready. Lol And woildnt ya know it, his favarite is one i have fewest seeds. Back to seed store!


So far im dissappointed. Not on quality but quantity. L.A. only yielded a 2oz 1/8gr bud. Bananna yielded 3oz 9gr bud. Cutting Sky & Amnesia tomorrow. Havent had a good day in weeks & today especially hard. Ill post final figures tomorrow. Next week a friend is bringing me some Rick Simpson oil & eager to try. I still feel that we could get the same yield from 3 plants but cant get hubby to see less is sometimes more. Skywalker would of produced a much larger yield with more space akthough i dont have #s yet.