One for the Money, Two for the Show, Three to Get Ready and Four to Grow

I transplanted my largest Super Skunk to a 3 gallon pot. The plan is for her to be a mom plant. I’ll let her grow a few more nodes, top and then mainline her.

I’m depleting my supply of auto flowers. I won’t be replacing them either. I don’t really like the uncertainty of the auto flower grows. I have the 2 Bubble Gum sprouted, 3 Northern Lights in their cups (I only had two seeds but I swear three sprouts were in the shot glass. One was popped right out of a seed.) and 3 White Widows in the shot glass.

My current White Widow mom plant is recovering nicely from her last haircut. I’m gonna hold off on doing anything with her until she puts on a couple more inches of growth. I will then take another set of clones from her (one of which will be my new mom plant), plant her outside and see what happens.

The future was delivered yesterday. Updates to follow.

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Since I don’t know when I will move her outside, I placed my mom plant in a 7 gallon pot so I can get a good spread.

I like the way this plant bounces back from everything. Hardy is what I’m looking for in a plant and this one is that. I’ll give her a couple of weeks and takes some clones when I give her a haircut.

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This is my White Widow mom plant a week after her last haircut and pin down.

This is her today after I took 11 clones in the last week.

My Bubble Gum autoflower is just showing her sex. I’ll start feeding her for bloom.

I decided to try deep water culture. I got two set ups. One for a seed grow (pictured) and one for a clone grow. This a White Widow 6 days from sprout.

This is one of my Super Skunk after her third topping.

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My cup truly runneth over.


I put my mainlined Super Skunk into a 7 gallon pot. She is on her fourth topping and I hope to get at least two more.

My Bubble Gum auto flower is in bloom and she is now getting fed for flower and placed directly under my grow light.


Most everything is going stellar.

I made a mistake the other day and my mainlined plant was topped and defoliated for the last time. 31 colas here we come.

My Super Skunk mom plant is looking good and should deliver in the next few weeks.

My White Widow mom is ready to deliver again.

The two twins. The same color zip-tie designates siblings.

The Bubble Gum auto bounced back nicely from her last defoliation. I’ll leave her be until harvest.

The nursery tent is filling up again. The four smaller plants are all clones from the same mother. It is with these I plan to produce my own feminized seeds.


Everyone out for a soak and some sun…


My little clone machines.

The Bubble Gum auto is looking nice.

Buds are looking frosty.

That knuckle is bigger than my thumb.




Look what I found.

No more Dixie cups for me.



A little over a week in the flowering tent and I have exceeded my expectations.

31 flowers by my count.

The nursery is looking fine.

The water clones are doing great.


Here’s some babies in flower along with their mom. These in the back are my one pot experiment. I planted them in 3 gallon pots and I plan on harvesting them from the same pot.

My Bubble Gum auto is a few days from harvest. She was fed last about a month ago and still isn’t showing signs of deficiency.

The older clones are spending more time outside.

While the Super Skunk and the water clones are waiting in the wings.

A couple of more weeks and the nursery will be converted into a flowering tent for my experiments.


What I’m doing today.

Just because she looks so fine.