One for the Money, Two for the Show, Three to Get Ready and Four to Grow

:notes:They’re getting cloudy :notes:

:notes:I’m seeing amber :notes:

When do you harvest? I usually wait until about 60% amber.

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That’ll be a couple of months down the road. As it stands I’m having a lot of luck with mom plants (3 so far this year) and clones. Even the outside plants have given me quite a few clones. Have I mentioned how much I like making clones? I call them my minions…

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Amber 10% to 20%…its all a crap shoot in any case. I like variety, it must be a special plant for me to keep on cloning over and over…:sunglasses::v:


Same strain (OG Kush Auto)
Same age (about 7 weeks)
Same soil and feeding.

I like how much difference there is in the growth on the trained plant (12 colas)


The plants in the last post were misidentified. They are the Jack Herer autos. Started the tie-downs on the side branches on the trained plant.

Her little sister has only gotten about 18" tall.

I had a problem in the nursery tent. I had an infestation of some little (I mean tiny) worms/caterpillars. Most of my young plants (about 8) were beyond saving. I ended up taking out everything and giving the tent a good cleaning. New rule: nothing from the nursery goes outside without a covering.


OG Kush is coming along just fine.

The Jack Herer will now be allowed to stretch up.

Her sister is showing her sex.

Not bad improvement on the salvaged bag seed.

Polly lives next to the propane tank and got her last haircut.

She has some of the prettiest flowers don’t you think?

I’m slipping this picture in. I got them this morning during the changing of the guard

From left to right: Hurt Tail (formally Grey Boy), Grey Girl and Blackie (Disclaimer: I did not name the cats…)

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Does anyone else wash their bud after harvest?

Bubble Gum (5/15 auto). Washed, dried cured and ready for…processing. Yeah. I’m gonna process it…

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I wash. There’s a lot of detritus that floats off the buds. I was surprised.

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Experiment #472. Seeds I raised myself. If they turn out to be male, I’ll collect the pollen. If they turn out the be female, I might try for feminized seeds…

Walking around today, I ran into a neighbor.

Tammy and her sister are coming along nicely.

Building up the buds.

Olivia is stacking on the buds, also.


Nothing beats the great outdoors…


Went out to check on some of my plants. This is my last year for guerrilla grows. Now that I’m in a home with plenty of room to grow it almost seems childish.

These two are getting a late start but both are showing bud.

Bertha is also late in buds but she is making up for it. This is her smallest cola and it’s bigger than a baby’s arm.

Now this one is bigger than my arm.

Took some clones from Tammy a week ago after she went into flower. They showed roots yesterday and went into solo cups. Now I will put them into veg and we’ll see what we see.

This year’s crop is by far the “healthiest” I’ve ever had. The buds are bigger and I think that’s because I’ve been trimming the plants. Nearly all of my plants have the lower 1/3 of their growth removed. All the popcorn buds are eliminated. Anything not getting sunlight is trimmed. I also credit the fish emulsion. I’ve always grown organic. I’ve just only used compost.


Polly is really stacking on the buds…


Ever see a spider with spikes on it’s legs?

Now you have…


Not today, Satan! :joy::rofl::joy:

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:notes: :notes: I keep a close eye on these buds of mine :notes: :notes:

The biggest difference for this year? Not being rushed or even concerned about my grows. I have the tents, the autoflowers, two harvest under my belt (so far) and the outdoor stuff is really looking nice.

I’ve done outdoor grows for years and I’ve never had this much terpene production. I’m crediting the fish fertilizer and coco coir.


The lowest branch on the oldest clone. I’ve never had buds this big on lower branches.


We love, love, love East Texas rain…

Polly soaking it up.

The 3 sisters are really stacking on the buds.


Defoliating Polly. She should be ready in a few weeks…


Did I mention that I love clones?

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I am Groot!

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