One for the Money, Two for the Show, Three to Get Ready and Four to Grow

Two of the largest plants in Karla’s Korner showed as male and had to be pulled.
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I get to look at root development although I don’t really have that problem anymore.

Most of the plants up front are clones and I know they are female. The tallest plant still hasn’t shown it’s sex and I remain skeptical. The good news is that the plants in back have all shown as female and they will now be getting more direct sunlight.

All of this has caused Karla to request feminized seeds for all future grows. That’s OK by me.

I placed the largest of the Jack Herer out in Karla’s Korner.

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Betty’s buds are not very big.

But they are getting frosty.

The OG showed her sex and is in need of a name.

I put 5 seeds in to germinate (3 White Widows and 2 OG Kush autos) two days ago. This soaking seeds in a glass is new.

I usually fold in a wet paper towel and place them in a sandwich bag.

They all showed root this morning. I mean they all showed something.IMG_9283

This White Widow is going in it’s party cup with an extra “W” (for wacky) on the side.

Betty and her stripped sister smell like candy. The stripped OG Kush smells like petroleum by-products.

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It was really cool last night. This morning’s dew brought out the neighbors.



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Of the 5 seeds planted, 3 have sprouted

The two OGs on the left are up (although one has helmet head) and the White Widow in the middle is showing green. They are currently sitting outside soaking up some morning sun. If the helmet doesn’t come off by the morning I’ll have to perform some surgery.

Ain’t them buds purdy?


It’s been a bad week at the Smith domes. The last of the outdoor plants showed their sex and surprise, surprise, it’s a male. That means all the larger plants are gone.

We still have some fine specimens and I am quite pleased with the growth of all the clones. Currently the second largest plant is a two stalk clone and is it ever putting on the growth.

Tammy is also growing like a weed. I took 8 clones from her today. I believe it will be my last chance with her. My next mom plant will be one of those clones…

These are the buds on the Bubble Gum. Really getting frosty and I love every little sugarleaf.

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Another dude! No way!

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Luckily this will now no longer be a problem. Between the clones and the access to feminized seeds, all future grows will include no wasted energy.


Today is hump day which means it’s time to get ready to feed the plants. Since all my outdoor plants are showing, I will feed them all on a bloom regiment.

I start with 4 gallons of rain water. I add about 2 tbsp (8 or 9 total) of Alaska Morbloom 0-10-10 per gallon. About 1.5-2.0 ml (6 to 8 total)of calmag per gallon. To that I add about 2 tbsp total of molasses (I use Aunt Patty’s unsulphured). I stir it up and set in a bubbler I fashioned from a hose formed in a circle with holes poked in it. I tried an air stone for a time and it was just too many problems.

Now it is at this point you can add a bag of compost or worm castings hung on the side. With the fish fertilizer I don’t do this. Mainly because I already have to cut this 1 to 1 with plain water as it is. I allow this to “brew” for about a day. I feed my bloom plants every other week with about 450 ml and make sure they get a good soaking at least every week.

My experiment tent is full. 4 in veg and 4 in bloom.

The veg plants have plenty of food to last them until they start to flower and then they go on the bloom regiment. For my veg plants I don’t normally feed them the first 2 months because of my potting mixture (1/2 Black Kow and 1/2 coco coir with a couple of handfuls of perlite per gallon of mixture). It is plenty for the autoflowers and I didn’t (won’t) feed them the first two months and then I think they’ll just take to the bloom regiment.

Here’s some 2018 bud porn.

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Everything got fed yesterday and today. All the indoor plants got a good soaking too.

My oldest intact OG is in it’s flowering stretch and is looking really good.

She has ten bud sites. I will wait until she is about half way through flowering (two to three weeks) for her last haircut…


Two OG autos (on the right) and a White Widow are now 7 days old.

Olivia is stretching so much.

I removed most of the wire I was using and replaced them with thin wire I could easily poke through the fabric pots. If they look like Christmas ornament hooks that’s because they are.

I’ve gathered quite a collection of holiday supplies and accoutrements. When I say I, I mean dad. Dad has gathered quite a collection of holiday supplies and accoutrements.

I’m going with 5 gallon pots in the next grow. Not because I think they need the extra soil but to give me more room in the pot for the spread.

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The year of first continues. This is my first hermie.

I wasn’t sure at first but this caught my eye.

Karla is going to be upset.

Uh-oh : (

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Not a tranny planny. That sucks

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Am I seeing this correct… that sac has opened already?..:sunglasses::v:

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Yes. It’s not like males I’ve seen. The sacs weren’t hanging down. This was the only one open and there wasn’t anything inside.

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Shooting blanks :joy:…strange at best…:sunglasses::v:

It’s one of the first plants I started this year. It was about 3’ when I pulled it. If it had been in a tent I might have tried to save it (for experimental purposes).

I have plans to produce my own feminized seeds. I will raise a mom plant, take some clones, force one of those clones to hermie and then fertilize the other clones with it. I might have to get another tent. Well, gotta spend that stimulus money on something.

I somehow got it in my mind I could use this recovered stripped plant. Then I realized I don’t know beans about it. It’s a bag seed (planted 5/21) and was really hearty before it was damaged, but it hasn’t even showed it’s sex yet.

The beauty of this is that with the feminized seeds I (and mostly Karla) don’t waste time on unproductive plants. Karla really is behind acquiring more genetics. Anyone know of a good source for Panama Red?


Keep the updates coming on the fem seed experiment, was thinking along the same lines. If the need for seed is not that great you could just overflower a plant. She will produce a couple of fem seeds on her own…:sunglasses::v: