One for the Money, Two for the Show, Three to Get Ready and Four to Grow

This year’s feminized seed project is going good. S/he/it is not as scraggly as last year’s flop.

Not showing as many male parts, but they are there.

Annie is looking finer than frog hairs…

Still need to get rid of some plants.

And the alt-flowering tent is full…


Tough to get rid of those very healthy looking plants!

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Outta :green_heart: but it looks great over there! Insert excited red leaf stem comment

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Here’s the deal. I did not treat this node.

This is totally new growth. It was not on the plant when I stopped treating it with colloidal silver and yet male parts are appearing. My question is, can I clone this plant and it continue throwing male parts? I guess we are gonna find out.

Still no pollen, but I don’t have any from the regular male either.

The ladies-in-waiting.

I keep saying I have to get rid of some plants and it never seems to happen.

So far everything is working out. I have my breeding males and their mates. I have several White Widows from a plant started Oct '20. I have a couple of plants from seeds given by a friend. Top those off with three healthy females from a run of plants looking for males. I seriously need to cull them, but they look so pretty.

My WW in flower is looking stellar.

The colder temps means she’s growing slower and that’s okay. I have plenty of bud jarred and quite a few concentrates. The plan for this plant is for all of it to be used in either tinctures or edibles. I haven’t smoked in over a month. Don’t even want to smoke and that is totally amazing to me.

Here are my reveg plants for next year.

They will stay in flower for another month or so. Then I’ll transplant them and put them back into veg. Hopefully I will get a few bushes to put outside late June.

I’m not in a hurry to plant the new genetics and that’s a good thing. Being regular seeds the plan is to get a male first (that is so strange), but I also plan on putting at least two of each strain outside late June. I’ll wait until May to germinate the seeds.

Basically, the grow is on cruise control. Fed them all this morning and all I have to do is water for the next month. Flowering plants are taking a bit more water, but everything is going good.


:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :partying_face:
:alien: Happy Growing


I finally culled some plants. Gave me an opportunity to check root development.

No question the roots grow right through the nursery pots.


Wow look at that, wonderful :clap: :heart_eyes:

Good to see that. I used something like those in my current grow. Said they were biodegradeable. I am not to harvest yet to check them out as you did.
Three of mine are wearing three successive sizes, and each time within a few days they had poked through. Four were germinated directly into the smallest. Next time they all will.
At this point it looks like a huge win. It definitely made up-potting easier.
Did you use these?

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I use the quart sized bags…

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Not only the simplicity, but I like the fact the roots are air pruned from the very beginning and don’t waste energy circling roots.

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My hermie is looking good.

I have it in a tent with 3 females that have been in flower for a month. If I get some pollen I plan on have plenty of receptive buds for it…


Yummy yummy…


Looks amazing sir great job


@oldmarine i am gonna flip my Thorium OG Reve(n)g here soon. Where do I trim/prune this monster? How do you let you revegged plants grow out? Or do I just let ‘Er go as is?


Do some LST or even HST. Use a net and train the branches for an even canopy.

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White Widow 7th week

I plan on harvesting her about the 11th week.


Oh, that’s stacking up real nice!!

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Beautiful man


This is one of my reveg plants. She has 8 stalks and I want to make her into a bush so I bent the stalks over.

I’ll give her another week or so and then cut out the tops. Lots of clone candidates.

Things are winding down for my Winter growing. I’m going to start moving the tents out of the house and into the shop. This year I’ll probably make a change and only do seed production in the Winter. We’ll see how this year’s outdoor plants go. I plan on 10 plants. 2 each of the new strains and 6 White Widow. Hopefully some of those WW will be from seeds I produced. Still no signs of actual pollen in the hermie.


Revegging the revegs.

On the same plant.

I think the cooler temps set them off…