One for the Money, Two for the Show, Three to Get Ready and Four to Grow

Change 1 to 1001. Taking the net off of her and not going to put her into flower. Keeping her as a mother plant is probably my best bet for now.

I could take dozens of clones from her every week, but for now I’m taking a few and just keeping her trimmed.

Karla said I can get another tent for Christmas because Santa said I was a good boy. I was thinking about a 4X8 with a nice HLG. We’ll see what’s left after the taxes are paid.


Two largest White Widow reveg going into 7 gallon pots.

I mixed about 18 gallons of medium last week. Amended the soil with Happy Frog and they should be good for the next month or so.

I also potted some WW clones I am growing for seeds.

I gave a friend some plants today. He was happy to get them. Karla and I are truly blessed.


Nice looking plants :seedling:
I have my Thorium OG in reveg and there are a number of nice growth areas popped up. The growth is only about 4” tall but looks like it has five or six nodes to them. When you make clones from yours, where do you cut?

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I was cutting 6-8" clones.

I’ve started taking shorter clones. 3-4 nodes. They seem to take root quicker.


@oldmarine This is the craziness my Thorium OG is in right now. Wait a little then?



Just a bit…

Hi Jason

Good news!

Our regular seeds have been dried and sorted, and will be shipped by the end of next week (1/7). If you have pre-ordered our regular seeds, your order should arrive very soon.


The old lady in the house.

She’s bounced back nicely from the last trimming. Her undercarriage is cleaned out and net is back in place. Today is her first day under 12/12.

Nursery tent is busy. Besides the ongoing cloning, I have 3 White Widows for my feminized seed project (right side), 1 extra reveg WW (I can’t throw anything away) and two plants I’m raising looking for a male.

The veg tent has 2 reveg (on the left) and 4 of my current breeding stock (again, looking for a male).

Germinated a couple of seeds for a friend. New plants for the new year.

I’ll start next year busy.

We are so thankful to all who have shown us the way and to those who supported us on this journey. While we can never hope to pay back your kindness, we will strive to help others in our community.

We pray you all have a healthy and prosperous new year.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May the Lord make His face shine upon you
And be gracious to you.
May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.


Hope the new year blesses you and yours @oldmarine! Thanks for all the knowledge you’ve bestowed this year!!


Happy new years and those ladies are looking amazing


Flowering stretch begins.

This is a little shorty. Might try to keep that trait.

This is the treated clone (colloidal silver). I’ll let the females flower for a few weeks and then see where we are at.

I’ll change the lighting schedule in this tent. I have a few plants that need to go into flowering.


nice work keep you going through the winter .
:alien: Happy Growing

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From regular seeds.

The nodes on the main stem are no longer uniform.

Time to get her ready for flowering. All the large fan leaves are removed…

…then the the plant is topped.

I’ll give her a few more weeks in veg.

Annie has really gotten her stretch going in the first week of 12/12.

Karla did a little defoliating.

I’ll add another net when the new one comes in.


Looking good neighbor!

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White Widow two weeks under 12/12.

My reveg runt. She needs to be cleaned up.


I almost thought you had a pile of bud rot on a flowering girl at first :astonished:. Nice cleanup! The stems on the WW leaves look really cool with the red.

Yeah, it looked nasty. It was dry and came right off. I was letting it go because I wanted to see how many new shoots I would get. She’s turned into a project plant.

The color comes from the lower temps. I can’t wait to see the buds next month.


I have my reveg about to outgrow my 2x4ft tent, so I am about to start cutting growth for clones. How to you use the colloidal silver to create a male plant? I have not tried that technique yet and would love to have some backup seeds for my Thorium OG.

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I haven’t had a successful pollination yet.

I am currently treating a clone. I spray colloidal silver on the nodes every week for about 4 weeks. We’ll see what we see.