One for the Money, Two for the Show, Three to Get Ready and Four to Grow

Looks like the doodie in the pool
From caddy shack just miniaturized

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Lol I’m outta likes as usual

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Yesterday was a very busy day. Started with a harvest. Ended with some extract.

Here’s my oil. 1/3 was for tincture, 1/3 for vape and 1/3 for butter.

Also did some bubble hash. First go and I am pleased.

Several ladies waiting in the wings.


That tincture looks nice !!! I have no experience with bubble hash


Use Ice water to seperate the trichomes from the rest and then strain them out. I was just giving it a whirl without any special equipment. It’s not as clean as I could have made it, but it’s a start.


Karla trimming tomorrow’s harvest.

Meanwhile, I’m filling a bucket for extract…


I want 2 revegged White Widows for next year. I’ll start Winter with at least 4.

To make sure I have what I need, I planted 8 clones, vegged them for a month and put them into flowering. They are ready to harvest and reveg.

This week is all about the harvest. A plant every other day and I should finish this month. As cold as it’s getting, I don’t imagine I have much more time to get it done.


The Olsen twin i harvested lil over couple weeks ago and put in reveg is doing nice and making tiny leaves. I just finished chopping, trimming, washing and hanging her sister and put her back in reveg too :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice and wisdom shared on how to do that successfully.


Last year I only bag seed weed. This year I’m only using good genetics and the difference is outstanding. It doesn’t smell like I’m cooking hay and the extract is more brownish gold than harvest green.

This is my second round for extracts and again everything is exceeding my expectations. More bud waiting in the wings…


It should read, Last year I only DECARBED bag seed weed.



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Hi @oldmarine, I have a bag seed plant that is just killing it right now (huge stinky and fat buds) and want to reveg her after I harvest in a week or so. A lot of my leaves have already turned and started drying on the plant. I am gonna review the video posted here recently in the thread, but I guess would just like a little push in the right direction. I really wanna get her back to clone worthy ( I have two monster cropEd clones from her looking pathetic). How’s much of the plant do you typically leave to go back into reveg? If it helps, here is her cameo appearance from yesterday


No matter how many times I tried, I could not get those pics to come out right side up :rofl:


I leave just a little bit of bud. It won’t take much. This is one I just left the popcorn buds at the bottom of each branch. Grew about six shoots per branch

Give the plant a good veg feeding and keep her under 24/7 low level lighting for a few weeks. I use a cheap led lamp from a box store.


Ok. I think I got it. Tell me if this sounds right: I will take the big colas, then buds, then defoliate and leave most of the rest of the stems and leave a small bud or few on each stem that didn’t grow big colas? I saw the video (excellent resource) but they took the plant down to basically nothing then Switched back to full lighting schedule and veg nutes. What does leaving the buds do? My first grow so learning everyday something new.

You have to have something left that is growing. I just left the one popcorn bud on each branch. I trimmed out the extra shoots and here she is today.

Waste not, want not. I have some I plan to reveg for over Winter. They are clones I took, vegged for a few weeks and put into flower,

I’ll take the tops of them out this week and put them back into veg. Follow along if you want updates…


Always teaching love that about you. Thanks for always supporting us new growers


Will do! Thanks so much. I know I’m gonna have questions and watching along will help tremendously. :+1:t2: