One for the Money, Two for the Show, Three to Get Ready and Four to Grow

Well that was a great read with some great info. You had a brilliant outdoor grow going as well, man you had some monsters on the go at one point😎.
What I now know after reading your posts.
I now fully understand the whole main lining thing and will try it on my next grow
I know if you eat DE it will bung you up. Didn’t intend eating it anyway but its good to know that’s what happens should I try.
Colloidal silver will make you go blue if you eat it so note to self “don’t eat CS”. It does sound like a Willy Wonka moment right there though
And I’ve no idea what a glitter gun is :thinking:. I can imagine but I’m off to ask Google :face_with_monocle:


Update on the feminized seed experiment. All the “males” are dying. I don’t really care because they’ve all been flowering and it appears I have some uneven growth in my buds. They definitely don’t look like the other 20 something White Widows I’ve ever grown.

It might just be wishful thinking.


Totally enjoyable grow journal and tons of great ideas and pics to match. Thank you for sharing the info on what you do! Your writing skills and style would make a great read in book form if you ever get a notion to do so. Wonder if it’s the grow meds helping? :wink:

Look forward to your continuous labors and the commentaries. Thanks much again!

Semper Fi old salt!!

Peace!! :v:


Thank you for your kind words. I am indeed humbled by the outpouring of support I have received on this forum (and that’s saying a lot for a fella raised in Texas, much more Humble,TX).


This is one of my re-veg experiments. Roughly a month after harvest.

Nearly every one of the old stalks has new growth.

I’ll trim her out today. She has about 30 or so new shoots and I might need to trim some of those out. Looks like I’m setting up for clones this week. I’ll at least get rid of all the old growth and put her out back in Karla’s Korner.

I also have a couple of plants from some gifted seeds.

Although the one looks like I’ve done things to her, I’ve only topped them both once. She just had 3 stalks when I did.

They need to go somewhere. They can’t live on the front steps forever. Or can they?

Except for my feminized seed project, I currently have no plants in flower. I have a few clones that need to go into bigger pots. I’ll let them grow for another month and then put them into flower. This is part of my perpetual grow plan. I’m currently taking a few clones from every plant I put into flower. Each plant gives me it’s eventual replacement.

While I do have some Super Skunk clones, the White Widow is a beast for turning them out. I’ll probably try to get some more genetic this year. Any recommendations?


Just caught up on everything. Man your ways are great and the way you train them to become bushy is amazing definitely gonna try some of your techniques. This year I started late but its my 1st attempt ever so im using as a dry run before live run next year with more time


A White Widow clone I’m preparing to be a bush.

When I put her in the pot, I planted her off center.

I used some old electrical wire to anchor her at her base. I also could have tied her off to the side of the pot.

I plan on taking her top to be cloned so I pinned her down about halfway up her stalk.

Then I spread out her undercarriage.

Finally, I defoliated her. I pick a mid size leaf and take all leaves that are larger.


Super Skunk clones. Looking for a mom, a dad and two smoking buddies.

I like the early morning quiet. I can hear the snapping stalks real well.

Even the young ones.


My reveg bush went to the chiropractor today. Doesn’t she look relaxed?


LOL, so have you been watching that KyleKushman video? hahaha. I tried this the other day with Nancy Kerrigan, and another yet unnamed lady out back and they relaxed alright…that “joint” i created has NO strength in it and turned brown (my pinchers must pinch too hard?) but everything before and after it are LUSH green and couldn’t tell otherwise that there was an “issue”

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21 day old Super Skunk. She stretched early so I removed her baby leaves.

Planted her so her first true leaves are at ground level.

I’ll let her put down some roots and top her in a couple of weeks or so.


Here’s another little project. I’m cleaning out my mom plant in DWC and I was going to just remove this branch.

What I decided to do was to see if I could get the branch to root while still attached to the plant. So, I trimmed out the lower growth,

Split open one of my seedling bags, added some root hormones, scraped the sides of the stalk,

And attached the bag to the stalk.

Made sure it was very wet and wrapped it in plastic just tight enough to keep it on. I want air to get in.

Then I tied it up with a zip tie to help support the extra weight

And now we wait…


I think i’ll wait til grow 3 or 4 (or more, lol) before following your lead on this one devil dog :wink: I AM anxious though to see how it turns out and always like watching new creative ways of breaking the norm and thinking outside the box.


You have my full attention… :sunglasses::v:


That’s looks like a novel idea! Standing by and :eyes: watching.


“Here There Be Dragons”


You got the ones that do pushups and present their throats? Or is that a different kinda leezard in yer neck of the woods?

Maybe he’s guarding against insect varmits. Hope he knows his 11 general orders.

Peace :v:

That’s a brown anole. Brown anoles are similar in shape to green anoles. They can change color slightly but always remain brown or beige – never green. They also possess an orange dewlap (males only) and a stark pattern of bars or stripes.


Here’s an update on my reveg plants. This is a White Widow I harvested earlier this year. She is developing quite a few evenly spaced stalks. I am impressed.

Here’s one I cleared out the old growth early. This is a plant I lollipopped before she went into flower.

This is one I let grow for a while and really need to get in there and clean her up.

This looks good but it’s just a headache.

If you don’t get in there and clean out some of that growth, you’ll never see this kind of stuff until it’s too late.