One for the Money, Two for the Show, Three to Get Ready and Four to Grow

I predict 8-10 and I’m happy with it…


Even with them being that way…they still compliment your yard.

Beautiful outdoor ladies!

:+1: :+1:


I would be happy with 8 too …
I know now in the future I’ll be able to produce much more just on the things I’ve learned being here having help from awesome people like you !!



40 days ago.

This morning.

I have a few plants ready or almost ready for harvest. Chopped one down yesterday and we have a busy few weeks in front of us.

These are some of the reveg plants that I didn’t do anything with except let them grow.

Notice the buds are so heavy they are falling over. I’ve had to remove some bud because of insects or bud rot.

These are the plants that revegged and I cleaned out most of the growth. Notice they grew out much better than the ones I left alone.


Mid-flower cleanup.



I saved a few suckers at the bottom for a round of monster cropping. Other than that, she’s good to go until harvest in about 4 weeks.


very nicely done sir :ok_hand:…solid pharming… :sunglasses: :v:


Just stumbled across your journal! I’ve got some good leisure time reading to do!:+1:

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Used to move some of my grow outdoors back in the day, and they always took a hit for the first few days.
At first I attributed it to the change from HPS to sunshine and tried "hardening’ the plants off gradually into full sun. Now I think it was more the giant increase from an A/C environment to the summertime SC humidity.


I harden my seedlings to the sun early. Like the first few days. My plants also go outside on a regular basis.

My problem here was one of reveg. I planned my outdoor grow and had 8 plants I wanted to grow into monsters. Put them outside early June and they started to flower. I didn’t realize this until they started to reveg (single and triple bladed leaves). I had problems with a reveg plant last year and knew what to expect. I cut out the tops of two of them and they joined my reveg experiment. The others I just let grow (mainly because Karla has a soft heart and thought I was damaging the plants). The ones I left alone flowered earlier and are producing the larger buds. There is also more insect and rot problems because of that. Karla was diligent and she took care of the plants as best as she could. I harvested one of the plants the other day and the buds are huge.

The plant was so dense, Karla was bound to miss some problem areas.

The plants I cut the tops out of grew very differently. They are currently in about the fifth week of flower.


Are you referring to the dead looking spot? What is going on?

I think it was a bug. I just cut it out. This plant is being used for tincture so I will dry it for a few days and then freeze it until I get enough product to make it worth my while.


Very nice @oldmarine. Reading up on your grows have helped a lot! Starting my first real tea tonight!


Two weeks ago.

Last week


Two weeks or so to go…


monster yummy great work @oldmarine .
:alien: happy growing


Plumping up nicely.


Harvest time on another WW reveg.

The plan is to leave this little bit of growth and try to reveg her,

These are some really nice buds. Technically, the plant is about 10 months old. The last harvest was real good, but these buds are bigger.

Here’s hoping they are also more potent.

The pot in a pot trick is a winner. The roots grew through and I can’t see that as anything but good.

She’ll go in the nursery tent under low light @ 24/7.



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Wow. Nice buds. Hope the reveg works that’s some nice looking flower!

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I’m chopping this lady tonight. Was gonna wait 1 more week for more amber but the rain and some mold not helping.