One family took a chace


My mother,a private caregiver(nothing to do with marijuana) was caring ,in conjunction with a hospice worker, for a lady that was dying. The only sounds this poor woman could utter were awkward throaty noises. This person’s family decided to treat her with a CBD liquid in hopes to make her more comfortable for her final days. My mother, a major pot critic, told me that within a few days this poor lady was speaking in full sentences and the hospice worker was no longer needed. My mother befriends each of her clients and she came to tears when she told me this. She now wants me to start making a salve for her and others because her neck hurt bad enough to upset her stomach one day while visiting my family so she decided to leave early. Before she left I applied a small amount of medical marijuana salve to her neck and before she arrived home here neck felt fully mobile again, her pain and nausea were completely gone. She called me from her home with complete amazement. No exaggeration. :smiley:


Huh, I got teary just typing this. Times certainly are a changing.


This is a great story! So much good from this! No one gets that the positive medical benefits outweigh the negatives 99-1! Sucks being in a non-legal state. I’m about to move! Lol :v:️Peace out and nice story to read.


Peace to you my freind


That’s a awesome story bro​:+1::v:️️


That’s so cool!


Very uplifting story brother​:clap::clap::clap:


And now you know why big Pharma wants to keep it illegal . God forbid if people can make their own med’s. :cactus: