One drooper in the middle

I thought it was too much water but now I don’t know since I’ve gone two days without giving her any. Did put my finger in the soil and felt a little damp but nothing major. Any ideas?

I have 5 plants going a little past the stage yours are at. 1 purple punch plant does that after I water but always perks back up. It’s also my best growing plant so I’ve just accepted it lol. Call her my drama queen plant. No other issues. This is my 1st grow though, I’m sure one of the others will chime in soon.

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The bigger the pot the longer the wait to water/feed again, they’ll consume more and lessen the water/feed in between time as they grow. What’s the pot weight compared to the other 2 :love_you_gesture:

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It’s definitely higher. I ran out of fox farms so it’s my standard organic garden soil

I have one plant that has been drooping forever. I gave up trying find out what was wrong with Gary and treated her like all the other plants.

I don’t know if it’s your issue but I dealt with same thing with my last grow. I tried everything and it wasn’t until I raised my lights that it perked back up.

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I’m giving that a shot, checked my lights and the numbers were a little high for veg so I’ll give it a shot

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It’s what worked for me even though my numbers were solid according to most guides but I found out all plants are different :person_shrugging:

Are those 5 gallon pots? Believe its 1 gallon of water per 5 gallon pot.

They are but right now if I try and do a gallon it just overflows severely

Ya you dont want too much overflow. Just ends up wasting nutrients if thats what your useing. How often you water. Whats your temperature and humidity?

Temp stays between 70-78 and humidity is typically 50-55.

I just noticed a few white spots on some leaves but don’t know if it’s from our hard water or not.

These are the white spots that are showing on my plants. I checked the back and there are no other spots. What could they be?