One Down Two To Grow




Some Very Nice Work @Screwauger


ohh,yessss! what a beautiful lady!!
two solos of BB please! ha


Thanks @BIGE @crazyots

I am still so new at this it just amazes me how much they change week to week, day to day.

This plant is how an autopot grow should go, minus over nuting her, all I did was rotate and take pictures after some mild LST in veg (exposing the center of the plant by pulling branches outward gently and securing).

I just put her onto AN Overdrive so I am thinking 2 weeks minimum to go.


18 more minutes and i might still like this…lol


The best creative thinking I’ve done early in the morning @Screwauger that’s a nice haul anyone would be proud of. Nice growing. I’m waiting on you next grow for sure now. I want that doubled! Haha
And those are some seriously beautiful flowers you got shots of. I should make those my screensaver.


I have always been a morning person. It’s always been the time of day that I am the most motivated with the brightest outlook and the clearest thoughts. Then I get baked. hahaha no just kidding I get baked with my coffee every morning… @Covertgrower

Another little gem…this is my first LIGM plant(s) and I gotta take a ton to find the perfect BOM specimen.


I’m with you on the mornings. I would rather be up at 4am, than STILL up at 4am. You have a BOM somewhere in there. I’m sure if it! @Screwauger


That’s a lot for an auto, from what I’ve seen/read! Great growing!!! :muscle::seedling:


Impressive as always! @Screwauger


@Screwauger you got so much more out of your bba’s than I did. Gorgeous!


Thanks folks for the kind words!! @GreenThunder @muffybunny @WillyJ @Covertgrower

As stated, I am blown away by the results of the green crack. The BBA1 looks like it will be a producer but she will have to bulk up fairly quickly to compete with that GCA. Hopeful though as she has the potential, the tops are very dense and firm!!


Hello there @Screwauger, I have two quick questions if you dont mind… what nutrients are you using right now for your grow? and are you using air dome in your autopots? Really about to throw the cash on these ones but I will also need new nutrients, since you seem to be doing all good I might aswell use same nutrients as you :stuck_out_tongue:


I do use the air domes, yes. @Blasting

I am using Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Grow/Bloom (2 bottles of Grow parts A & B and same for Bloom). I do not use the entire line of AN just those and thevoodoo juice (expensive) big bud, overdrive and bud candy. I use technoflora MagiCal but any cal mag supplement will be fine.

One lesson that I have not learned yet is to keep your ppm’s low, for example 600-800ppm for veg and 800-900 for bloom. Even that is running on the “high” side. The continuous bottom feeding of nutes can/will burn your plants easier than say, a soil grow.

AN Sensi Grow/Bloom call for peak growth use at 4ml/L. I do not come anywhere close to that. 2ml/L or less depending upon supplements added.

The other important item would be Drip Clean or hydroguard to keep your lines clean and sediment build up down.

here is a sample feeding schedule from an experienced and successful AP grower in coco


Interesting schedule, figured that was for auto’s tho but I could probably work something out of that for sure even with photo’s. What soil/soiless mix are you using? Not sure sure about this whole coco thing, would need to investigate a little more.

Thanks for the quick answer, really helps the man! Only struggle right now is to find a canadian retailer that kinda has all of it, air domes etc… I have found the kit at a hydro store near me but he only sells the 4 pot system, no goodies. Might just have to order from another country and pay extra charge :stuck_out_tongue: Once again thanks alot!


That is for auto’s.

My first grow with autopots was two photo’s.
I used different nutes for that grow which was modified lucas formula with General Hydroponics nutes (6ml/9ml per gallon of Micro and Bloom only the grow bottle is not used) throughout the entire grow. There is quite a bit online about it and minor variations. It works but I am going to say I like the AN regiment better results wise so far.

That grow is at the start of this thread @Blasting

Important: This is my second grow with autopots and coco. I am still learning and experimenting. look up pop22 on that site, he grows aith autopots and organic soil and water. He also grows photos as often as autos.


AN seems like it would do it, I am gonna go learn about coco growing and will keep on shopping! You will surely see a journal soon :slight_smile: only a couple weeks left on this grow and i have 4 clones ready to get in there already! Autopots would be nice home for these!

have a great night !


You too @Blasting

I look forward to following along, assisting where/when I can, feel free to tag me in anytime.


Final Green Crack Auto Update and Dry Weight 1/16/18

Just jarred up the last batch of drying GCA.
I have already smoked and given away about an ounce+ but I tracked the weights of each of three drying. batches.

Realizing this is not ILGM stock/genetics, not wanting to elaborate too much but this is good dope!! In fact, I will be “branching” out in my attempts to score more FB Green Crack.

Final Dry Weight of Trimmed Buds was 8.65 ounces.
I have a standard grocery paper bag that is a third full if trim (there was not a lot of close trim on this plant, a joy to chop compared to my first four strains). I would have bet a pay check that an auto would not produce a half pound and, I would have lost. Thanks to one and all for following this journal, providing input and assessments, making kind observations and being interested in my endeavor(s). Stay tuned as the BBA cousins will be moving onto center stage after the intermission!! BBA1 has taken over stanking up the primary entrance to the house (exhaust vent).

This photo was minus the last bag drying (taken testerday)


Great job Bro!