One Down Two To Grow



Pineapple Haze just went on sale 10+10 for $79…


Thanks @Covertgrower for the kind words, appreciate them.

My goal next grow is not to be greedy and maintain lower ppm’s to see if I can keep my plants healthier appearing such as yours and @WillyJ and @Rugar89 and @bob31 @BIGE @ntmaremach etc.

Green is where it’s at not mottled yellow, brown but so far, does not seem to have effected my yields much.

Thanks gang!!!


Looking great, After harvesting my three Green Crack plants I left the pots with the roots in them sit for a week. When I pulled one of them out of the pot you could hear my wife from upstairs asking what’s that smell? OH just rotting roots.


hahaha out of likes but I love that. Stinks to high heaven. I had it wrapped in a plastic kitchen trash bag and had to take it outside. Stank even in the bag.


I appreciate the heads up on the 10+10… gotta know when to find the deals!! @Screwauger pineapple haze almost made it into the cart… maybe I should replace the Maui Wowie? #growerproblems


Hahahaha @bob31 footnote, see letter from doc. lol
He’s a genuine, certified and validated pot head!!


A look back: First grow was a scrog of two plants.

8 Ball Kush Feminized, 120 days from Seed, 100 days in Autopot, 48 days from start of 12/12
Total Dry Weight = 5.48oz (4.97oz Nugs plus .5oz close trim)
Sweet Tooth Feminized, 119 days from Seed, 99 days in Autopot, 47 days from start of 12/12
Total Dry Weight = 4.19oz (3.57oz Nugs plus .62oz Close trim)

Grand Total Dry Weight = 9.67oz (8.54oz Nugs plus 1.13oz Close Trim)

A look ahead: Second grow is 3 auto flower plants /w only LST

Green Crack Auto 96 days from seed started in autopot

Total Dry Weight thus far = 7.7oz Nugs plus Est 1.5oz remaining on stems and in drying bags

Holy guacamole, I’m looking at nearly as much stash from 1 auto as I pulled from the entire tent last grow. Approx 9oz’s of usable buds from an autoflower. Blown. Away. I. Am.

Sorry folks, I woke up calculating this stuff and had to get it on “paper.”

Morning!! ahappy


nice haul @Screwauger


Moving in the right direction! Shows you are honing your skills…keep up the good work :+1::+1:


i’m personally pleased with myself for the fact that i grew enough last round i’m able to let these gals reach their full potential…
i have been known to’’ lean ''on plants, drying limbs just to keep from having to either do without[NOT] or go buy…
i have an ak that is just about to domino and still sitting on enough to get through at least 5-6 day initial cure…hooray!


That really was my ultimate goal too @BIGE

I don’t need the most productive tent in the state but I do need to grow enough each run to avoid being without.
My first scrog grow probably had potential to bulk up and provide more meds but like you suggest, I “leaned” on them as I was all done scoring weed. I really harvested too soon last run for that reason and have coped with tons of stash that really didn’t do much for my head other than fill a psychological need to use.

This crack plant was able to mature appropriately and I am literally snowed by how potent it is and how long the high lasts.

My BBA1 plant will get pulled into natural light later today to check trich’s. She is looking fairly near to ripe and I am super excited to get that cured and sampled.


BB really helps me for sure…calms the beast!


Right on!! @Screwauger absolutely outstanding man!! I was pleasantly surprised at the yeils you can get outta these lil autos. And even more surprised at the quality of smoke too!!
Great work here sorry about the root overgrowth issues. Just means your ladies are super happy!


Love that BB too man good stuff day and nite…slows me down a lil bit during the day but very effective on my chronic back pain


Outstanding work man! loved watching you silently for a while :slight_smile: Are you using 6.6gal pots or 3.9gal?


3.9 gallon pots. They will grow larger in the larger pots but I don’t have the room for that. @Blasting


Thats what i tought, 3.9gal system will be best for me! thanks man!


Re-Introducing BBA1 1/12/18 Day 86 from sprout

Actually, just some better photo’s from this a.m. when I pulled her to look at trichs. I variety of cloudy, clear and light amber is what I saw on my x60 and x90 loop.

My problem free lady friend…and she’s frosty. Gonna post a few singles just so I can see them blown up.