One Down Two To Grow



Dude looking great
My bba didnt do so well i also neglected the crap out of them but dude your freaking doing a grest job woth them


@BIGE @aussie123556 @AmnesiaHaze


She’s a beast!
Great Job!


They’re getting beastly! It does look like one may need a little calmag or something? Pic 2 plant on right. Otherwise it’s looking like you’re going to have another nice haul.


Yes. In my efforts to control the ppm’s I cut out the cal mag for a few reservoirs. Mistake. It’s in there now but damage was done hahaha par for my course. Thanks for taking a look and for the kind assessments.

I’m much more thrilled with these autos than I was with the scrog effort and results.


Cool, I figured you were on top of it just making sure.
I know there are a few conversations on here we discuss it, but not sure you seen. Scrog is a good method, especially when you’re looking to maximize yield per plant. When you start creating so many bud sites per plant the overall size of the buds seem to go down. So ten times the bud sites doesn’t usually correlate to ten times the weed. Plus you have the added veg time and fooling around with the net tucking trimming and such. But if you’re not as concerned with having a few more plants you can imply other methods to get to a similar end result. Depends a lot on what each individual prefers right. There’s plenty of different correct ways to grow weed.


awesome @Screwauger!!!


I’m simply bubbling over with joy that I have easily a 7 ounce haul on the green crack alone. I have tro look back in my journal but that rivals my per plant harvest in the scrog and may even surpass, can’t recall (see letter from my doc), lol


Outta likes for 5 hours (love this platform that calculates that hahaha) but thanks folks!!!


Over 7 ounces is Outstanding for an auto! Those blueberry aren’t far behind either. You take explosive root growth to another level!


So considering every autopot grower claimed they never seen roots blow out of pots I guess it just means you’ve set a new standard


@Screwauger looking good! Makes me wanna drop some of my auto mixpack!


Wow fantastic job! @Screwauger


She got advanced nutes the whole time? @Screwauger


“ANOTHER” New Standard. See Dr Letter Above. ( LOL )


Yes @WillyJ

All three of these auto’s have received just the sensi grow/bloom and supplements by AN


that is some good stuff AN SENSI !!


All out of likes, but you always have root problems from one extreme to the other. All of that doesn’t matter one bit, because your girls look picture perfect. Your grows are becoming more and more epic. @Screwauger


Glad to hear this…:+1::+1: can’t wait to see my results…I’m happy so far @Screwauger


They have stabilized, untouched for 7 hours!!!