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Cool, thanks very much @bob31 @AnneBonny @WillyJ


I use these but there is a huge selection. These came on a slow boat but they have worked great for 3.50 though not recommending a Feb 23rd delivery hahaha


i need a few for my jars…i’ll admit my super silver got kinda crispy…good,but crispy! lol
62 bovida pks?outta likes


They are a must have @BIGE


I’ve been getting my boveda’s on the bay of e


i’ll put some in my cart,and work on my curing game! lol


Starting to show some movement


we need to get you some 5 gal buckets like @Willd for all of those massive harvest


Just FYI, I bought a 12 pack of 8gram Boveda’s on bay of e for 11 bucks. @BIGE

Whereas I typically put (2) 4 gramers per jar/ounce I only put one 8 grammer.

PS: It’s very preliminary yet but I have dried 5.4 ounces of that green crack auto and I have easily a third of the plant still hanging and in bags drying…I’m gonna go out on a limb and say 8 ounce plant perhaps!!!


Hey buddy if you have a high humidity in the jars i would go with the 58% packs not 62% @Screwauger


No no @Countryboyjvd1971 I over dried this batch a tad, trying to get them back in the 60’s.



My bad brother please forgive me lol
It easy to dry them to fast this time of year
Ignore my post above and cary on sir


@BIGE they are so worth every penny!

I use these together with the bovedas

I use one remote sensor in a jar of curing so I don’t have to keep fooling with it.

The temp and RH in the lower left corner is my Amnesia Haze.


that is some good info @bob31 thanks!outta likes!


That’s very neat @bob31

Guess I am looking for gadgets too @BIGE cause I need that remote sensor type.


i need temp remotes for the shed first,then maybe a fancy hygrometer like that…
i guess i’ll start basic in that respect…lol


The remote sensor I use has 4 zones. One where the unit is located. I put one outside. And usually one in the grow room and the third outside the tent to make sure the AC unit is working. During the winter I use one in the jars, rotating it and one in my utility room to be sure the temps are ok. I had the pipes in there freeze once so if it gets below 40 i there I switch on a small baseboard heater. Keeps the room at 50. I don’t want to rely solely on the cheap thermostats built into the base board electric heaters


I couldn’t agree more! It’s a dance of many variations & tempos


Update 01/11/18 BBA1 & BBA2

These girls finally have the tent to themselves. Yesterday, after smelling some foul odors, I noted that the roots on the GCA were rotting (pew). I hacked the remaining branches and shut down the McGuyver DWC bucket.
The GCA is now a memory although I believe I will get approx. 8 ounces from it not counting trim and sugar. That’s another story.

BBA1 Day 85 from sprout

This plant has been basically, my only problem free plant. The only mishap (other than nute burn which is my baseline lol) was it got dry when I visited my grandson as I left the tap off for two days. Otherwise, just a joy to grow.

I placed this plant on it’s own reservoir and changed out the big bud for overdrive. Trying to keep the ppm’s below 1000 has been a challenge (hence burnt tips) and I am having what appears to be a cal mag issue on both BBA’s currently but that’s been addressed by increasing calmag to 2ml/L.

If I mix my Sensi Bloom nutes at half strength and add in my supplemets at half strength I am ending up with a 1300ppm mix which is too much for the autopot continuous feed. I have been adding more water but I fear that messes with my pH perfect technology…damn I should have stayed in school and listened in chemistry class.

For now, I am managing this okay by ignoring the pH and just adding water enhanced with hydroguard to get the ppm’s down into the 800 range. Or I may just continue to burn the sh*t out of my plants. Kidding…

BBA2 Day 75 from Sprout

This plant is having a tough life. Long/short, after repotting this plant into fresh coco/autopot in early December, I will be darned if it did not start to blow out it’s root ball just like the GCA. It was in the rear of the tent and because of attending to the GCA twice daily, it got ignored until I began to see coco and perlite all over the floor of the tent. The root mass was pushing the growing medium up and out of the pot to make room for more roots. I bandaided it a week ago by slicing off all roots sticking out of the pot, added another root control disc to the tray and crossed my fingers. It was continuing and I was not about to have a second plant I had to babysit twice daily by adding nutes to a bucket.

I went radical on it’s a**.
It had nearly a rock hard root mass in the bottom 3" of the pot. I am talking solid block of roots.
I performed surgery on it, broke up the mass and pulled out the airdome and most of the hydroton.
An experienced autopot grower suggested not using the layer of hydroton in the bottom as he believes it creates a barrier to the coco wicking moisture properly.
I placed a fresh couple of inches of coco/perlite in the bottom, watered it in with mild nute solution (Root
ControlDisc inserted correctly).
Placed surgical patient into the fresh pot, and watered slowly with about a half gallon of the same mild nutes.
This plant is in flower (mid) and may not survive but this had to be done as I am not babysitting another plant for a month in a bucket with an autopot beside it not in use.
I kept it out of the tent yesterday and put it back in this morning. She looks like heck but given a projected nice harvest from BBA1 and an abundance of meds from GCA, I can afford to experiment on it a bit.

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