One Down Two To Grow



Thanks very much and glad you think so @AmnesiaHaze


Really good looking stuff! @Screwauger


I’m drooling over here! Glad you love it



Is this the topic you just harvested on?



Sorry guy, won’t happen again. I’m all set and thanks very much.


You don’t need to apologize my friend. You didn’t so anything wrong. I would be the one that was wrong if I give you grow advice in a place where I am not allowed to do it. All I wanted to do was move the discussion here and continue it as I feel it is most worthy of further discussion.


From what I saw they (BBA) sure will be BOM worthy soon!


Calling all bag driers! @bob31 @Donaldj

I harvested my auto in stages following donald’s rec to hang for a few days then bag (nugs no larger than golf balls) then into jar when slightly crispy outside still slightly damp inside.

My first batch went well and was the two main colas.

My second batch, another dozen side tops went into bags and this morning felt dry enough to possibly jar. They really were not yet so I returned them to the closet and 8 hours later put them into four jars. I suspect I have over dried them slightly as I can’t get the RH above 55% now in jars.

My question, can I take these four jars and place them in bags with buds that are not yet dry? Would they share their moisture and take some of my dryness?

In the interim, I placed a partially dry bud in the center of each jar and I am watching the RH to see if it rises at all (realizing I need to burp every couple hours).

Help!!! lol


@Screwauger Do you have the Boveda packs?

If not get some more. Add them to the jars, they will move right up to 62% with no issues. I’d be careful adding partially dry nugs to the jars, unless they smell like weed already? If they haven’t dried out the chlorophyll you risk getting the cat-piss smell that @Willd was talking about the other day.


Yes @bob31 a bunch of 62%'rs


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Thanks @bob31 BRB


The bovedas are two way packs

They add humidity or absorb it depending on what the circumstances dictate! @Screwauger


Thanks a million @bob31

I yanked those buds out of the jars and put boveda’s in them and will watch them like a hawk!! Osprey are cool though so I will watch them like an Osprey lol.

These are my babies as this weed is killer. Two good bong hits yesterday morning and was stoned all darned day.

Thanks again Brother.


Boveda’s work awesome. Mine dried way to fast, before my Boveda packs arrived. They were at 35%. I put a packet in and it took several days but they are now up to 62% and holding.


@Screwauger wow take good care of it! I’d still keep an eye on it with a hygrometer as I have found that occasionally they will zoom right by and jump up to like 70 and then burp them back to 50-55 and watch them again. I found that I needed to burp them 3 or 4 times during the first week even though they were dried in the bag to like 50. Something about the jars…

@AnneBonny they keep the weed fresh for a long time too!


Oh for sure, I have hygrometers in all of the jars right now. Thanks.


its more of an art than a science, lol! except for all the gadgets!


more gadgets???
do i need more???
silly questions @BIGE


Your not far off the packs should do the trick…if need be put a couple in each…won’t hurt and will bring them back up faster…my last plant from my last grow was slightly dryer than I wanted when going into jars and the packs cured that now it’s perfect👍