One Down Two To Grow



so many strains so little time!


Looking very nice, I’m doing a BB myself, not an auto though, what is that you have in the corner? So I remember you met our Mr @Willd , is he local to you then ? I would love to work one summer on his outdoor grow and get loads of recipes off of him, he has loads but very guarded with them lol good luck with the rest of your grows they are looking amazing


@daz49 The 4 foot florescent fixture was there as a work light. I often putter in there during lights on and will switch the LEDS off while I work, the tube light giving me some ability to see. Nothing more.

Yeah, Mr. Willd lives within a 60-70 mile radius of me.

All three of the plants in my tent this go round were my first ever auto flower plants. Very impressed and early estimates are 4+ ounces from the green crack alone. At the rate these are going and as dense as the buds are, I’m thinking same neighborhood of 4+ zips. For me, that would blow away all preconceived notions about auto flowers. It would also be a higher yield than my scrog. Another null hypothesis shot to heck.


Nice looking tent! It looks thick enough to almost lay down. (Almost) nice grow! I know all about planning the new grow, I get that itch half way through veg. The problem I have is to clone or not to clone… or start over. @Screwauger


Growing presents such perplexing problems! @Covertgrower

Until I have a veg area it’s bean sprouts for me.


Looking great brother
What else can i say lol


Georgeous, great grow my friend


Out of likes but thanks you folks.


Sweet! You got this👍 some top notch growing rite there! @Screwauger


Well it looks like @Screwauger has won this months Cream of the Crop Award!! This was after much deliberation from the back left table of the Tuesday night meeting of the Wachusett branch of the Cannabis Club of Massachusetts…congratulations!


Hahahaha, you gents @WillyJ and @Patsbasement Thanks for the kind words and award!!


Brother , they still look great, and at this rate you will get a ton out of them , keep up the great work


Thanks @Coltfire much appreciate your input. Thanks everyone for reviewing my grow and commenting with such kind words.


Update GCA (Partial Harvest) Day 95

Hey Gang.

This plant has about run it’s course. I have harvested all of the tops and now just have the extreme lower half of the plant still under the lights. I did switch it back to mild bloom nutes and supplements for the last four days and will keep the final popcorn buds in nute solution until the pistils and trichs shows readiness. Based on expereince the past couple weeks that should be in 3-5 days. I was tempted to harvest it all because the BBA’s need the space but I just couldn’t as there is likely another 3/4 ounce on the plant.

As my previous update outlined (5 days ago), I had placed the first two branches into brown paper bag(s). Today they seemed nearly ready for jars but after an hour in the jar the RH climbed to 65% so I returned the nugs to the paper bag for a bit longer.

I did happen on a smaller nug that was fairly crispy and I cut it up (this nug having about a week longer on the plant than my first sample). All I can say is, I did it. I finally grew something I want to smoke. It is very potent herb and even before curing it is smooth with a creeping sort of lung expansion. No harshness or cough inducing hit. The flavor is not quite there but the aroma coming out of the bags and from the nugs is just super!!!

Here are a few snaps


bom in there somewhere! @Screwauger


I have to agree on that one. That looks like great medicine. I’m excited to be there soon with mine. Then start all over. Again. Great grow @Screwauger I loved following along. Even better that it’s something you really enjoy. Happy growing again soon.


Thanks folks @BIGE @Covertgrower

BOM’s have to wait for the next girls that are maturing (BBA’s). This plant does not qualify!! Not ILGM stock.
For me though, it bud of a lifetime (so far).

I am only a couple weeks away from bud porn on BBA1 and those I hope are BOM worthy for sure!!


Congrats! @Screwauger. What an awesome feeling, right? Can’t wait to see the rest.


Thank you AB! It is a great feeling. Not that I have been low on meds since september but admittedly, I screwed up some things with those strains and yuk! I have used them to get by.

With this wrapped up, and such great feedback about the blueberry auto’s I have going, I have high expectations that will be something “I want to smoke” too.



So beautiful @Screwauger