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Thanks @Niala !!!


Thanks @WillyJ

Hey and I am no longer a “regular” so perhaps we are in it together!!


You better watch the company you keep :wink: @Screwauger


I’ve lost my regular status too. Feeling jilted lol.
Your plant looks great! Should be keeping you we’ll stocked for months!


Yes strange as I have never felt more “regular” than I do today! Thanks very much NEN


I was a regular like 6 months ago and one day it went away lol. It came back 2 different times, for one day, then gone again lol. I don’t think I’ve missed a day on this site looking for info or to chat so it must be a glitch or something


Update 1/3/18 GCA (Partial Harvest)

It’s Day 90 from sprout.
The plant has been on plain water since Sunday.
When I actually trimmed one of the main tops and looked at it closely, at least 20% amber despite the white pistils visible. This plant, especially the main tops, started to foxtail and the newer “foxtails” are most certainly putting out new pistils. I prefer energetic weed.

I actually have a dried and curing branch and it is good pot, great head rush, lasting body high smooth and tasty. Most importantly, it lasts a few hours!!!

I suspect the remainder of the plant will go another week or two and I may add back some mild bloom nutes (gotta research that a bit).

I harvested four tops two days ago and bagged those today. Then I hacked another 8 or 9 large tops and hung them.

Some Bud Porn

This is the supercropping I did and that branch grew some nice cola’s from the side shoots


man that looks like it would take your head and bounce it like a basketball!
great harvest @Screwauger


Thanks @BIGE.

Def. the best pot I have grown to date as far as effects go!! Pleased and the bag method sure put a nice initial dry on the first sample.

Got to run upstairs and get a couple shots of the colas hanging in the closet.

Believe it or not, I’ve got roots blowing out the bottom of one of my BBA’s, same one I transplanted a few weeks back, film at eleven!!


That girl just doesn’t want to be contained.


Beautiful buds!! And those are some nice knuckles too! :v::sunglasses:


Some potent looking meds @Screwauger :+1::+1:


Thanks @WillyJ I am finding that, It. Is. As my old buddy used to always say, “what it is?” and it is, potent.

@GreenThunder Thanks 48


Blizzahd Update 1/4/18

BBA 1 & 2
These two plants have been mostly ignored for the past several weeks while I tended daily to the improvised DWC for the Crack Plant. Unfortunately, that “ignoring” never pays off (see BBA 2) but out of necessity they went to the back of the tent so I could access the DWC twice daily for “top ups.”

BBA1 Day 78 from sprout
I am blown away by the size of this auto flower BB. In addition, the bud sites are all developing well and already the tops are firm and dense. There is evidence of some slight “purpling” as well as some pistils turning brown!! This plant remains on the same nute mix as documented in the last update which is basically bloom nutes with big bud. This was also the plant that had the pH issue or funky ill appearance for several weeks. Though I thought I cured it with strict adherence to the ph perfect nutes, now BBA 2 is doing the same thing despite the same nute mix/ph. Always an adventure!
Sort of mailed it in on the pics as I just used my flash vs supplemental lighting.

BBA2 Day 68 from sprout

This gal is on the same nute mix as her cousin BBA1, both are in my autopots. You may recall my GCA blew out of the autopot and had to be babysat for the rest of it’s. life.
This plant, BBA2, was transplanted into fresh coco/perlite in early December in an attempt to avoid the same sickly fate as BBA1, who appears to have recovered very nicely. Despite this, my neglect of this plant realized yesterday that she is doing the same thing as the GCA. Blowing roots into the tray and pushing the plant upwards where it is not wicking nutrients into the coco/pot but rather, existing on a barely adequate mini micro climate in the bottom of the tray. I didn;t take photos but a scroll up to November would show what happened to the GCA. Needless to say, I wasn’t about to commit to another improvised DWC requiring twice daily attention and weekly overhaul.

I took this plant out of the tent, trimmed all of the roots extended out of the bottom of the pot. I added a second root control disc into the tray itself (TMI I know but I need this info), top watered the pot until I could coax the rootball back down into the pot and reapplied the potsock.

I will monitor closely and soon, the GCA will be completely harvested and I can move this plant to the front and monitor even more closely. If need be I will DWC it after the GCA is out of the bucket.

This is not, I realize, a very good testimonial to autopots. I have sought input from a forum of only autopot growers and none have ever seen this happen before, let alone twice. Most are convinced I failed to put in the RCD, I highly doubt that however; I did take a shortcut. The RCD’s root control disc’s come with the autopot and are a sheet of landscape fabric treated on one side with a copper type coating. This is supposed to turn the root tips around or burn them off or otherwise stop the roots from trying to escape the pot. I re-used the RCD’s from my first grow vs purchasing new ones. I think this is user error secondary to laziness and cheapskateosis. Sorry for the length of this.
BTW, this BBA2 plant is outstretching BBA1 and is a huge plant (nearly 30" tall). I supercropped several of the tallest branches and will supercrop the rest when she recovers a bit. If I can keep these plants alive, they are gonna produce a ton of stash!

I cropped the main stem which was slightly taller than this one, huge auto

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No likes, but they look to be stacking up very nicely!


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man the buds are rolling in like waves!!


Already wracking my noggin trying to plan the next grow. Man IS never satisfied. @BIGE


Woooooohoooooo!!! Looking good!