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i put a humidifier in my grow room while in seedling/veg…can you seperate them so you have a high rh on your buds? glad you are doing well @Patsbasement sorry about the drama…lol


pssst,more experienced folks… you are the grand pooh bah of growers @Screwauger


Thanks @BIGE but… I am not worthy!! LOL

As for spraying, I have never sprayed plants in flower unless it was to combat something like P mildew.

I suspect @Patsbasement is referring to those humidity starved seedlings and yes, I would spray them, I would but passive humidity (bucket with towel and fan) and I would just make sure they have time to dry off before lights out.

@Countryboyjvd1971 was talking about encasing the area in plastic sheeting to keep moisture in.

I believe the lower RH is not too bad for plants in flower but otherwise maybe humidity domes like milk jubs or clear juice jugs or something to create a subclimate for the younger vegging plants


modesty is a good virtue…lol
i seen your pitch to willy the other day while watching video…lol
i may try getting with you on the subject of autopots if that is alright with you…


Anytime @BIGE, my pleasure to share.

Oops, busted!! LOL

I saw a user on another site who’s user was “Big e” that be you by any chance?


i’ll elaborate later…


I hang wet towels & find that watering the plants in a closed tent raises humidity levels I good to see you back on the site @Patsbasement!


Hey @North_East_Newbie
I was kinda hoping to run into you at the convention two weeks ago…how you doing?
Cold and dry here in Worcester…been hibernating in my basement smoking my brains out talking to my girls…


I didn’t know about a convention. Was it in Boston?
It was a busy fall for me between work, family & holidays. Im a few weeks out from my next harvest. Luckily still have plenty from other grows. Woohoo!


Harvest cup December 16 in Worcester
You were one local I was hoping to see
Oh well maybe next year!


Let’s plan on it! :+1:
Happy New Year, my friend!:champagne:


Update 1/1/18 GCA Harvest

Happy New Year folks. Just a note to keep my journal current. I went away for two days and my girlfriend kept my DWC GCA plant well submerged in nutes. I had cut back the nutes to approx 450ppm last week and today, I refilled the res with plain tap water pH balanced to 5.8 with only hydroguard added. I didn’t check the ppm but this is my flush and I plant to keep it up until the remainder of the plant is harvested (3-11 days).

I did harvest a branch last wednesday and placed the nugz in a couple brown paper bags in a closet upstairs. I gently moved them around for a couple days then went away. Today there was a mix of buds that needed more time and a few that could almost be jarred. I selected a dense one and after cut up with scissors, was completely smoke-able. Obviously not cured nor even ready to start cure but wow, that’s good pot. Intense mango flavor and mild smooth hit that packed a backdoor punch as 30 minutes after six bongs I was transfixed by the rose parade and out in space somewhere but not in Cali at that parade. ZOoooooom. Really excited for this stash. My humongous carbon filter isn’t touching the dank aroma’s escaping through that vent under the side steps, whoa…(disclaimer this is not the ILGM Green Crack although I cannot wait to try that, this is fastbuds genetics that I acquired before finding this wonderful website).


They look beautiful, and I love hearing about the smell! I wonder when my carbon filter will go kapoot. Doing a great job @Screwauger your green crack is short correct? More of a indica dominant?


No @Covertgrower this is a sativa dom hybrid auto flower. It’s approx 30" tall on the main stem.

I believe the filter is okay, the dank is just overwhelming it but I could be wrong.




Oh my! @Screwauger pretty pretty girl you have there and sounds potent…your description of watching the rose bowl parade gave me a chuckle.


@Screwauger those look SO yummy


Thanks for the kind words and comments gang!


Looking like some “killa” stuff! Awesome job @Screwauger


I totally agree with them @Screwauger, she look fantastic and seems yummy, :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::grinning:, happy new year brother :laughing: :wink: :grinning: :innocent: :v: