One Down Two To Grow



Love it I bought paper compost bags since very few stores use paper bags anymore. I am so hoping for the super smelly Skunk tones from my Super Skunk but that’ll be another 2-3 months by the time I have it worked into my rotation


Lol, you and I both @Screwauger all they had was mostly paper when I bagged, but we had plastic. Nobody chose them. Heck I did the pop can sorting by HAND. Great story.


@Screwauger, No disrespect, I like the smoke, please do not place things on our great flag.


Nice avatar. Peace Bro.


Sorry about that then. But I’d still go by the amber over the pistals. But that’s just me, and I’m a light weight. :wink:


No problem @Rugar89

I very much appreciate the advice. I am keeping close tabs and if the amber gets where I want it I am harvesting regardless of pistils. I took a good look this morning and it’s not there yet. I did go ahead and take a couple small branches (there’s a heck of a lot of milky) for “testing” purposes.

Going upta camp this weekend (Fri eve to sun morning) and we’ll see where she is on Sunday with me leaving her alone for a day. Maybe they grow better if some jerk isn’t opening their room every 40 minutes.


@Screwauger plants groan it’s him again lol. I’ve done this, I know how you feel when they’re “right there almost “…


Hahahaha I can hear them, jeepers, I was changing lol @Covertgrower

It’s a case of “best laid plans of mice and men.” This plant was supposed to
*be in an autopot
*be finished before sledding season (and in my smell proof stash bag)
*be making room for the stretching BBA’s

Now, can I teach the Mrs to top up the makeshift DWC while I am away?? Beef stew will make her compliant so I can throw that out for sunday afternoon. yup, plan.

Some know, @bob31 being one, I will likely need counseling to get them to their rightful finish. Lazy and impatient are not the best gardener traits hahaha.


Had a good laugh at that post as well @Screwauger all out of likes. Bribery with beef stew, sounds like something I would do! I make a mean beef stew also. 15°F last night it’s the right weather for it. Thanks for planning dinner Friday night. Welcome to come over for a bowl!


Oh, and I’m sure we could share the other “bowl” after the kids go to bed. Hahaha


4.3° and sinking here! Oil man was here yesterday so we are kinda livin’ large tonight, bumped it up to 69.

Oh that’s a given @Covertgrower us growers, here try this no shoot, I meant this one, well yeah take a couple on that but then try this one over here!


Very true. @Screwauger what was the price of your oil per gallon over that way? I think we are around $2.90-3.00 something here. Oil rich state, but everything gets shipped South, distilled and shipped back. By barge.


2.599 (why they have to do that is beyond me). Went up .30 since 11/20 when I ordered some.


I’m waiting for my ILGM order. I will call on you when I start my grow. Peace


they had to go back to paper in ma. to reduce pollution


In Maine they are doing away with plastic and paper and you will need to bring your own reusable or buy them from the store.


at least somebodys making money


Just paid the same price today @Screwauger or I should say yesterday


@Screwauger @Willd @WillyJ @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971
Hey there friends, sorry been off the radar for a while. Personal drama, health issues ( not mine!) I have been lurking and following along. My fifth grow is blossoming now and I’ll harvest in about a month.
I dropped seeds for my next grow gorilla glue last week. I to have the same problem with very low humidity in the basement currently 31 percent. Should I be spraying the plants with water at this point?
Thanks have a great day!


I’ll let more experienced folks advise you @Patsbasement

I don’t spray but my plants are in flower so the lower RH isn’t really a concern for me at the moment.