One Down Two To Grow



I’m sure you will get close to 3oz from your BBs. I got 2 1/2 from my second one last grow. The growth seems better in those auto pots.


I think one of the reasons @Rugar89, after reading a few 100+ page coco threads by reputable growers, is that coco likes to stay moist. Minor dry outs are okay but on the whole, coco growers say they have better results if they never let the coco dry out even slightly.

Autopots do that for coco. Always drawing moisture from the tray. They also have better luck over all with auto’s because once you pass 100+ days in the autopot pot, you are root bound and you risk other issues such as root rot. I didn’t have any such issues with my photo grow but then again, I jumped the shark and they could have gone another three weeks in hindsight.

Hope all is well guy!!


I’m running into that issue now @Screwauger. I harvested Saturday and it was in the tent with humidity around 65 but my BBA is too big to stay in my little tent so I had to move everything around last night. BBA is back in the big tent and finish buds were cut into smaller sections and into paper bags. Between the heat and the pellet stove I can barely get humidity to 45 now. Ugh!


45% would be great, I can’t get there. @AnneBonny

With the little humidifiers running in a room upstairs i have it to 34%.
I lopped off a branch whose top was fairly ripe, trimmed it up and cut the nugs off the stem.
I bagged it into 2 brown paper bags and placed both inside a large cardboard box in a closet in that room.
It’s a test as the rest of the plant needs a bit more time (based on pistils but there is plenty of amber).
Fun times, adult ed science class.


I harvested mine based on amber, not on pistils. The white pistils just kept growing with 20% amber. This is strong stuff! Don’t wait to long.


@Screwauger @AnneBonny
Its hard to maintain humidity this time of year especially if running wood stoves in the house
What I did in my basement to help with my humidity is this i lined my whole grow space with plastic as a vapor barrier originally but i find it helps hold the humidity in as well i still need ro run a humidifier but i can maintain 55-60% inside grow area /room
Basically you want to create a tent around your tents
So if possible folks try lining with heavy mil plastic it’s inexpensive just a thought
I also harvest at tricombes like @Rugar89


Thanks gents @Countryboyjvd1971 and @Rugar89

And thanks to all who have taken a peak and given feedback or kind assessments!!

I am gonna have another look at her with my loop this morning. I harvested one branch yesterday that was more ripe than others. It was about 20% amber with cloudy throughout. I’d say on that one top the pistils were 80% red and withered.

The remaining tops have more white pistils but the amber is getting obvious so I may be taking a few more tops. I am planning to let the lower branches run a bit longer.

PS Rugar89 this is not the BBA’s yet, they are flowering nicely but have weeks to month+ to go, this plant is a fastbuds genetics green crack auto.


FB has great genetics too!!! i’ve grown one of their GSC and wowza!!!
it was the last straw that got me pretty much asked to take my grow elsewhere at whatever cost…lol
that was some great bud!


Damn! That would be too good to be true, getting a monster grow like that from cheap,simple flouros. Great job!


Good to hear! You mean you had to relocate because the plant got large/stinky?

I also have two crystal meth beans tucked away that are FB. I had two of these but one seemed to want to die so I helped it along. Luckily, this beauty stayed with us!! @BIGE


stinky,even with new filter…every time i opened tent the stinch would just permeate the house…lol
if you brushed up against it,shower time! lol


Gotcha and I pulled her out of the tent ten minutes ago and the entire house stanks.

I posted way up above before she started to flower that she would stink up the basement when I pulled her out for LST sessions.

Now, how to steady my damn hand long enough to get some good ganders at the trichs. It’s clear she is mostly cloudy (which I want) with quite a bit of amber but I want to be sure there is little/no clear cause my last harvest had a lot of clear (idiot).

Updates to follow.

I just went to the grocery and bought 24 bucks worth of stuff (main goal was to get paper sacks). I told the two girls I wanted the stuff divided into two double bagged paper bags. I said it had to travel a long way on a snowmobile trailer into camp.
I sh*t you not, a manager had to be called to demonstrate how to open one paper bag inside another. I had all I could do not to sound just like my grandfather. All I said was “huh, I did this job when all there was was paper and had to do that to every bag.”

Anyway, I got four grocery sacks when all I had was two.


what a show that must have been…:smiley:


The cashier asked the bagger “have you ever double bagged paper?” Panic set in. Watching them try was a gas, I wanted to help but before I could say a word they hollered to a manager. hahahahaha


lol,i could imagine them bouncing off each other…lol


The cashier had “seen it done once” hahaha so she thought she could do it. She did have the technique and gave good verbal instructions but they just gave up


‘‘i seen it once on TV’’ :smiley:


wow amazing,srry again,i love this site an all the ppl on it,sry for my off topic rant :frowning:



@aussie123556 The past is just that, always forward we move! Good to see you.



thanks for the tag the crop looks great