One Down Two To Grow



That all looks amazing! I got the standard 1 oz/plant on my bba’s. I don’t know if I’ll do auto again. Granted, my lack of skill had a lot to do with the low yield. I could probably get more now. Actually I will be doing more autos. Forgot… I still have 16 seeds.


Beautiful simply beautiful. I’m so excited my coco will be here thus day and I got my pH perfect nutrients so I’m a happy boy


awesome @Screwauger,it is always nice to have good folks over !
some bom pics in there!


Right on!
Those are some gnarly lookin bba’s man!


Awesome job! @Screwauger thats cool you meet up with @Willd great to be able to share the goods and sample someone else’s…I’ve had the pleasure of running into @Patsbasement nice guy I hooked him up with a ptw and a gdp clone and a small sample of sd… I’ve been wondering how those clones are making out lol I’ll have to give him a shout… wish there was a forum legal way to meet folks if you were ever in their area…summertime I frequently ride up in Maine and New Hampshire…a place I like to go is Bentleys…I’m sure you’ve herd of that place…got friends in Laconia…stopping along the ride you always meet great people…would be cool to have your place a stop for a coffee and have a toke in those travels…I’m no longer a drinker so I didn’t say cold one lol decafe for me… I know your interested in the ptw strain…maybe you know Patsbasement? Lol


Hey @WillyJ Thanks Man!!!

Yes, it’s very cool but also I know it’s frowned on here in the forum. I think there are ways!!

Where there’s a willd there’s a way!!

It was great to have someone with more experience grab the loop and look at my trich’s and confirm what I was seeing, can’t get better learnin’ than that!!

These are great times to be a canna enthusiast!!


Thanks @Growit, they are really starting to fill out and already getting firm and dense.


I know it’s frowned upon all to well…I think thats why I’m still a basic user? If you figured out a way let me in on it lol grow is looking fantastic :+1: @Screwauger


Check out this video of burping. @WillyJ


Looking great @Screwauger the smell must be nice


I liked one of vids how do I comment on them? @Screwauger


For real? Ive shyed away from autos due to yield. Hubby & i smoke probably half to oz per week.



It’s too soon to tell. I burn through about 1.25oz per month (more since I have had stash). I am testing these out to see if auto’s could get me from harvest to harvest.

I will say, I set up my system (coco with autopots) because I had seen with my own eyes what auto’s CAN do. If I can pull 3 zips per plant (and I think the GCA is there), then auto’s will remain a viable option for me.

At this stage, I am very encouraged that what I saw, I can reproduce.


My next dilemma is drying the GCA.
It obvious to me that my drying/curing skills need improvement.
Nothing about my last grow was routine and now I am looking at a nearly ripe plant and two more growing.

I’ve decided to follow the @Donaldj and @bob31 method of brown paper bag drying.
It’s winter in New England and with a furnace running around the clock, I am lucky to find 31% relative humidity anywhere. It hovers more like 28% and even with my humidifier running in the basement 31% is about where I get to.

My current plan is to harvest specific branches (allowing less ripe looking cola’s and branches to carry on).
My third floor is unoccupied and we keep it quite cool (55°). I am going ro put my humidifier and another mist humidifier in a room and see what I can get the RH to. I assume 50-60% would be better than 30%??

I really do not want to F this dry/cure up so I am hoping to keep it slow and the bags should help.



my last two plants i cured on a tower type drying rack then put into bags before jarring anything…
esp. the gorilla glue,
man that stuff is still as sticky as ever…lol :smiley:
it is working for me, for the time
my SSH got kinda crispy on the rack the whole initial cure stage,but we live and learn.


What are the tube lamps you used, regular phlorescents? If so, thats an incredible grow you got from them. Its still an incredible grow even if you used candles.


@Screwauger… beautiful… gorgeous and plentiful :grimacing::+1:


Apologies, that’s just a work light for when I shut off the LED’s to get in there to trim or rearrange or take photos. That tube lamp is not part of the grow. @DieHigh55


They should get ya there I pulled 25g off my first bba and 32g off my second and my first grow outside cold supplementing sunlight with cfls and a cheap led with very little in the way of nutes
So I am sure your harvest is gonna be awesome amd the quality of the flower is absolutely medical grade for sure!! Right on @Screwauger looks great!!


My RH is always low 30’s or 20’s so drying slow is always tricky for me I went to paper bag cure because I was finding my herb lost too much scent. I typically hung for around 5-6 days and debated going to turkey bag method then decided less risk in a paper bag dry it isn’t too complicated you first hang for several days enough to harden buds so they don’t crush under they’re own weight and keep a nice shape. Than place them in paper bag no more than a couple inches layer on bottom loosely close bag so air volume remains check daily for first few days opening and a quick stir. The bag works as micro climate doesn’t condensate slowly releases moisture my last round left them in bags for well over week before jarring plus 3-4 days hang time so around a 10 day dry and once in jars still burped but less often and has more scent :slight_smile: