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Count me in that group :v::sunglasses::green_heart:


@Screwauger now that’s just showing off , lol very very nice


That’s partly why my last harvest went so fast lmao well that and my mom was here lmao


Update 12/26/17 GCA and BBA 1&2

@Willd stopped by and saw my operation, had some lunch, shared some keif and hash and traded edibles and supply. Very kewl Guy!

We agree, the GCA is mostly milky, with a few amber (5-10%)

Here she is, prob. start to flush in another 6 days give/take (coco takes 3 days to flush I have read).

GCA Day 82 from sprout

BBA1 Day 69 from Sprout Have backed the bloom nute off to 900ppm given the obvious nute burn. (I always have to learn the hard way).

BBA2 Day 59 from Sprout This plant is really stretching despite an early switch to bloom nutes as compared to BBA1. Looks healthy but the tent is very crowded and I need to harvest the GCA ASAP

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You met the infamous Mr @Willd that’s great what’s he like ? , I told you I thought maybe nutrient burn, otherwise all looking great


@Screwauger looking good! I got an autoflower mixpack ive been itching to drop beans from! May have to get myself another tent just for them! I like how quick they are! Day 82 from sprout of your GCA ( im guessing green crack auto) has got me sold on planting some autos!!!


Yes @VelcroThumb I have 2 blueberry auto’s (ILGM) and a green crack auto (another vendor). These are my first auto’s ever and the tent is busting it’s seems, especially when closed with the negative pressure (limits the square footage).

That GCA is technically described as follows

It can be harvested in just 8-9 weeks and has yields of a whopping 650 g/m2 (1.4 pounds per light). Its buds are denser than with average sativas.

So, I am quite a ways over the projected however; I kept feeding her bloom nutes until about the start of week 7 and the same with the BBA’s which are now on bloom nutrients.


@Screwauger wow!! 1.4 pounds/m2. I thought most Autos only got a few ounces per. What’s the projected yield for your blueberry Auto


It’s indescribably beautiful! Really nice looking buds. Great color and frosty! :+1:



Willd and I met up this fall for the first time and then had lunch and a session in November. This be our third date! jointma4

He’s a generous man who is extremely knowledgeable and talented, who’s a blast to get ripped with. I ate one of his 138mg brownie/peanut butter bites before he left and I am F L O A T I N G …

As for the nute burn. I should know better by now that autopots/hydro is not soil growing. I let both res’s creep up into the 1200+ range getting greedy!! LOL


Not sure really but it’s on the seed page here at ILGM. Couple of my colas look like they will be similar in size and appearance to the one @Teddy78 has entered in the December BOM. @VelcroThumb


@VelcroThumb I have “high” hopes for this GCA. Here is a tad more of the literature on the strain

The High Effect

Green Crack smacks you with tons of energy. Its THC content of 20% and low CBD volume make it a great source of medication for patients who are treating fatigue, stress, and depression. It is also a contender for severe cases of Crohn’s disease since it reduces nausea and stimulates appetite. Perhaps it’s the strain’s aromas and terpenes that are responsible for inducing feelings of positive well-being and high energy. There’s no doubt that few strains can match with the concentrated energy produced by this hybrid beast. It works as an elixir for your neurons, giving that invigorating effect.


That’s one fella I would love to get baked with and try his edibles, he’s been my number 1 guru through my grow ride


@Screwauger awesome!


I got so baked I left the GCA out of the tent, shut off the lights and went upstairs. Thirty minutes later, entire basement and first floor are dank smelling!! Oops.


Gca has some gorgeous buds man, and the bba is rocking on.
Looking great dude


@Screwauger Absolutely beautiful. Wish I could smell in there. Lol