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I did 4 wk veg at 19/5, then flipped to 12/12. I ran 2 dwc and 1 coco in the same tent. This time, all coco. I ended up with about an oz per plant dry. The grow was riddled with problems. Road construction 3 blocks from my house caused 4 different 5-hr power outages, which is critical for dwc. The coco, I just brought upstairs and put in a window. I water and nute my cocos every single day. I do it manually at 7pm sharp and only use small amounts. I used to play with that rhythm, trying to alternate nutes and just water, every 2 days, every 3 days, every variation. I didn’t get stability until I got consistent. They ate little to medium little until the last 3 or 4 weeks, then became voracious. I was giving the coco a quart a day and running through 5-6 gallons a week per dwc.

Runoff… I’ve never checked my runoff. Do not think of me as a good example there. I’m about to start figuring that part out myself. We’ll learn it together :wink:


So, the saga continues though I’m not really sure it’s a saga; or a problem; given that BBA1, despite looking like crap, put on another inch over the past 12 hrs or so. That’s a total of 8 inches growth in last 7 days despite whatever is going on with her.

First some updated pics. The burple was last evening the remainder, this morning

Looks like h*ll grows like the dickens.
Gonna continue on with the dry out period for both BBA’s and back my ppm’s off a bit from 915 to 700ish and then go from there.

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All out likes. But she definitely is growing. Maybe she’s stressed about growing so fast? Lol @Screwauger



What is the temp in your grow area. To much heat will cause your leaves to crl like thay



Overall good Will @garrigan65

84 max but avg 78-82. Thanks.


Ya know @Covertgrower I have wondered this myself.

There is no doubt the autopots were heavy and they shouldn’t be. The GCA in flower right next to these two is light despite sitting 24/7 in aerated nutes (well hydroton). That leads me to think I have a touch of root rot (but what do I know) and hoping the hydroguard knocks it down.


@Screwauger that’s hot. I get nervous when I hit 72. 70 seems better… in my tent anyway.


@Screwauger seems like a reasonable explanation. I hope the hydro guard does the job. If there is any rot, hopefully you regain some “ground” on this grow. Pun intended.


@Screwauger what do you reside? Your state just became legal in Jan 2017?


@AmnesiaHaze Maine


Your lucky :+1::face_vomiting:my State makes me wanna puke with what’s going on lately they just need to pass their bill. It’s in the senate in finance committee just sitting on someone’s desk…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Kind of surprised no one has suggested added a touch of H2O2 to your res solution before you open the valve back up. I don’t know what makes me think it will help, I just do.


It might help but it’s short lived. Couple days at most so you’d need to make it part of every reservoir.

It’s not the most recommended fix but I have put some in both reservoirs.

Getting ready to just let them go, plan what to drop next. @Willd


Hey @Screwauger just saw the new icon
Woohoo love Jerry bro :clap::clap::clap:
How things going just saw you where having some issues


Hey CB!
Honestly, it takes work to chose something different than GD or JGB out of my collection.

My BBA’s are acting strange and growing weird, but they are growing. Still trying to sort it out. Thanks Bro. @Countryboyjvd1971


Well, I might be getting this figured out, only time will tell. More on that later, for now; GCA Pics

Quite a bit going on with this gal but at this point, just want her to finish. This is actual day 62 from sprout but it’s developmental age is more like 48 days. Day 25 of flowering.
I backed off the nute strength a week ago because of the burnt tips but frankly, I am ratcheting it back up as she started to yellow a bit more though that is likely natural to a degree.

So now on to BBA 1&2
Today I spent some time researching what another grower suggested after seeing my pics, possible mag deficiency.
I researched this and given that calmag has been added to every gallon of water, I went back to the initial place, pH. I agreed that mag deficiency explains the tiny twisted growth and it’s not uncommon in coco to have a mag or cal problem.
Since mag is in the mix, I looked at the hydro ph chart and began to experiment a bit. I calibrated my pH meter and got out the reagent drops and chart. Long short, things were not adding up. I recalibrated and checked some controls and still had low 5’s coming up for ph when I used the drops. Not just in this res but in my GCA res.
Back to the computer for more research and “viola” there it was. I’ve been messing up my whole grow by adding pH up/down to the AN Ph Perfect Technology nutes. Big no no. Not going to get good readings based on standards charts and beliefs. Mix it and forget it. I suspect @WillyJ is not messing with the ph??

In my defense, I was not adding ph down initially but was getting a bunch of skim, scum, slime and white crap in my res. Turns out if using silicate (i was) you must balance ph after adding it or it coags and will not dilute properly.

So, I threw out all my mixed nutes (which I added a ton of ph up to to try and get a 6 reading with drops) and started fresh on all three plants. This time, no ph down or up or nothing and “viola” the pH is 5.9-6.0.

I think I was forcing the pH too low by adding ph down and locking out mag. Time will tell. BBA1 look terrible today and asked not to be photographed in her condition. I respected that…stay tuned.


Out of likes, but I hope you got it. @Screwauger


Glad you got that straightened out…if you check back in my thread when we talked about the advanced nutes I did say I don’t ph anything anymore…no more up or down it’s been working perfectly so far…ph stays in range the plants love the nutes…I also give them photosynthesis plus, veganic special sauce which is a microbial tea and inoculant, and rapid start for veg…haven’t started bloom nutes yet hopefully in the next couple days I’ll get everyone into the flower room @Screwauger


Outta likes but hope that’s the prob… I know it’s been stressful


@Screwauger @WillyJ
Hey guys
Been off the radar for a while and just read your thread… I too have the same problems, burnt tips and yellowish color and am using a and n nutes…and I have been adjusting ph in error. I did have some discoloration before I started using the new nutes but I am sure I didn’t help the situation.
I will not adjust ph from now on and I think we will be fine.