One Down Two To Grow




There is, I can either manually turn the spigot off for a period each day or; elevate them, turn off the res and hand water the buggers. Thanks Bud. I’m gonna show Rasta Man at the grow shop my pics and see what he says (ahhh legalization).

This might get a smile…Love me some Danny Barnes…The Frank Zappa of nashville


I am not actually sold on either it being over watered or root rot to me it looks more like a iron def


Appreciate it @Donaldj and this picture sure looks similar. I don’t have the “yellowing” but I do have the “lime green” ish color but more the looks of those newest leaves.

Photo from the ILGM Article on Iron Def

Curious if there is any general knowledge out there that the blueberry auto is a Heavy Feeder since both of these plants have been on continuous feedings of Sensi Grow A&B.

Thanks again, more research to do!!


I grew BB this summer likely not same strain but she was damn fussy for all we know if it is anything close to mine a good flush to balance out the nutrients the picky ladies are leaving behind might be a good option. The only drawback I see in auto pots is that you don’t get run off readings on regular basis so your medium could be chalked full of buildup and swinging ph at root zone with little clue?


That picture is an extreme example and later stage and yes BB is a heavy feeder but also a fussy one mine had me close to 1600 in DWC but they seemed to hardly eat since ppm stayed pretty constant. Both my Uncle and dad grew same strain and noted they got quite unhappy if not fed nearly every water in soil :wink:
keep in mind a toxicity quite often mimics a def in it’s symptoms


Thanks @Donaldj

I flushed this plant very well Saturday night and after the final flush my runoff ppm and pH was good (50ppm and 5.9 I think).

Then I dumped and cleaned my res which was holding grow nutes and refilled with a fresh batch of mild strength bloom nutes. A pH problem is where I started over a week ago when I found a high pH in my res 6.7 I think it was. I got that righted quick and have been checking frequently. If I watch the autopots closely I can catch the tray when it has enough solution to check the pH.

I’ve also calibrated my pH meter a couple times and it’s been right on.

So, I may still be recovering from that short bout of high pH but the pH has been maintained between 5.8 and 6.1 for at least a week now.

Patience, as a good friend suggested, is likely the key here and not taking drastic measures. I appreciate the input.


Slow and steady wins the race! @Screwauger

It very well could be the last of the pH issues working their way out maybe? Standing by!


All good just bouncing ideas seeing if you get a Eureka moment :wink:


I’m doing good given that I woke at 4:15 with a plan to do an @Rugar89 on the roots similar to when he divided up the twins. Was gonna put it in a tote, hose off all the medium and replant it in a fresh pot of coco/perlite believing I would see brown rotten roots. @bob31

So, I am doing okay lol


4:20 someplace, bro. I can’t get over how smooth that gold leaf has gotten in just another week! wow!


Keep up the patience, even mrs. Covertgrower is now involved in the worry about your plant. I showed her pictures. It looks like you’re doing everything right, this is my limited experience talking, however you’re doing everything I would be. On another random thought for problem solving what if there’s a bacterial problem? I know you cleaned it, but more along the lines that it needs more beneficial bacteria than the others? Just thoughts. Something to throw into the pile of considerations. Hope you get her turned around @Screwauger


Great minds think alike. I just ran down to the neighborhood urban garden center and bought a bottle of hydroguard. Bacillus hydrohelpful or some such animal in there that will add, wait for it,

The dude had even heard of autopots so he understood why it should not be happening. The little BBA (BBA2) was beginning to show similar signs so she is getting the same treatment(s). Thank good ness the GCA just keeps stacking buds for me!!

They look better right now but that has been the pattern…look okay all day in evening start to droop and look ill and by lights on, looks half dead only to spring back, somewhat.

Fingers crossed and thanks Folks for worrying with me…these darn weeds take some tweekin’ @Covertgrower


YES! That’s what I like to hear! Let’s hope it freaking works! @Screwauger


I do stay encouraged because BBA1 has put on another 3 inches in height/girth over the past three days despite looking like heck. @Covertgrower


I don’t know shoe polish from manure about much of the indoor setups I’ve seen here but I’d be laying off the H2O and feeding altogether for a few days not hours. They look over-saturated with both to my untrained eye. Patience will prevail.


Day by day @Willd

One day off the liquids and BBA1 was going to shrivel up and die. Not sure coco will hold enough liquid to sustain life beyond a day.

I’ve opted to turn off the spigot overnight and restart each morning, that will give her a 7 hour break each day.

I go day to day with “oh shit I have to save them” to “ah well, just let them do what they are destined to do.”

As long as GCA stays on track, I have some breathing room.


Hows things in the ICU this morning @Screwauger


Yesterday I would have said “it’s touch and go.” Today I say, “status quo.” No real changes but the pattern of drooping and springing back during the day appears to be continuing.

I added some hydroguard (beneficials) to the reservoirs, flushed BBA2 and cleaned everyone’s trays.

Thanks Bob. @bob31


@Screwauger I really hope they make it. BBA is what my wife and I are now enjoying and it’s amazing. I went with the strain because on ILGM it specifically listed bipolar disorder and anxiety. Last weekend I did a little experiment. I skipped my meds for 3 days and used bba instead. Normally, if I miss even 2 doses of my meds, I start feeling like I’m living an apocalyptic scenario. Last weekend, I still felt a little off, but it was manageable with a little self-control and meditation. It was pretty handy for my back pain too. The downside is I couldn’t do my job while this indica stoned. So replacing my meds all the time isn’t an option.

Anyway, I see you’re an Advanced guy. Do you have any B-52? It was recommended to me when I was struggling with root rot and it worked. A combo of that and CX Hydro regen-a-root. A guy at my garden store suggested Cannazym. It was $$$ and didn’t make any noticeable difference.

Good luck


Thanks very much @muffybunny

I don’t have any b-52 but I will add that to my research and may just grab a jug today. I’m not sure if I have root rot or not and likely won’t until they die or I harvest because pulling them out of their pots would surely stop any progress and I am not going to do that so, the b-52 and your experience plays large in my plans now!!

It’s funny, and par for the course that, when I decided to grow indoors my gf and I had the most routine, predictable and genuinely enjoyable daily, weekly and monthly routines and habits. Rarely a visitor, kids grown and enjoying independence, friends occupied with grandkids and such. A wide open calendar if you will.

Weed was voted legal a year ago, in January 2017 or around there became legal to possess and grow your own and I set out to gather the supplies and make a plan. Sled season ends about mid-late March and after that I was all about the grow. Since that time, our lives have been complete chaos through no fault of our own. It literally has been one thing after another drawing us away from home, away from our routines and literally turning life (for me anyway) completely on end, 180° out of phase. And I decided to quit smoking. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAsniffle, sweat,HAHAHAHA see me smiling!!!

I appreciate very much the input. I do not think the BBA’s are suffering from any of these reasons however; there have been many weeks where my attention to detail is non existent so I may own some of it. I WILL get to a method and system where it is “plug and play” at least, that is the goal.

So you grew ILGM BBA? How big did they get, when did you switch to bloom nutes and had you experienced any outlier type traits growing these plants (heavy/light feeders, etc).

I have heard such good things, from smoke reports from those that have grown it, that I am eager to bring them to some type of harvest (plus I have 17 more BBA beans).

The coco, the autopots, the nute choices are all experiments for me. I wanted a KISS method of growing but part of that is finding the right combo (strain, nute, medium, etc). I have to remind myself when I see plants struggling but this was all an experiment (first 1-6 grows) to determine how I wanted to proceed.

Do I have to measure ins/outs, have scheduled flushes, deal with certain pests, etc or is there another way??
Honestly, organic soil with plain balanced water is sounding more and more attractive and truly, if I had the set up like @Willd I would grow outdoors only, but I don’t.

Have a good one and thanks again.