One Down Two To Grow



Thanks @70sChick

These things have personality’s in some respects. That BBA1, goes through a period every evening where she looks under watered and limp. Enough to concern me a few times then the next morning she’s all perky and standing up strong. Never saw a plant do that, though I’ve only grown a handful.

Or, she might be gonna die, I just don’t know. She’s got some strange mannerisms LOL


I totally get what you’re saying @Screwauger We’re working with 10 plants this time and each one likes something a little different from the other… It’s crazy cool! :heart::sunglasses::v:


What a growth spurt! Beautiful ladies!!


:+1::+1: nice job!


I remember reading a grow last summer where the member wrote almost the same exact thing. Seems to me after a few joint smoking sessions that we chalked it up to her being tired and wanting to rest? I dunno funny mannerism tho isn’t it! @Screwauger

The plant in question did not die, lol


Me too, no love to share @bob31

I checked her first thing this morning and bam, looks perky and ready for a day of balzing LED “sun.” Strange but at 11pm last night there was not a leaf on it that could hold itself up and with the autopot, it always has the same amount of nutes available to it down below so, she must chose to go dry for a few hours every day LMAO


Just to tired to drink? hahaha I dunno kinda crazy really. If they all did it then it would make sense, lol @Screwauger


Agreed and liked. Have I mentioned lately that I love growing marijuana, and that I love, I Love Growing Marijuana!


Quoted and concur @Screwauger

I :heart: GM too!


BBA1 is in the Infirmary 12/3/17

The spindly twisted growth has continued.
The droopy late day blah seemed worse.
the pot is extremely heavy (overwatered)??
Autopots are are different animal.
Leaving this for journal purposes and any insight/input from our growers (realizing autopots are a form of hydro but not hydro; not soil).
I’ve cleaned my trays, valves, hoses and reservoir. Plant looks a bit better this morning but, that’s been her M.O. for a few days now!
It’s always something with a Screwauger Grow (my next might be with hand watered FF soil and FF nutes :sweat_smile: )

This is my infirmary “ticket” from a forum dedicated to growing with autopots

Problem: See pics below. Day 43 and has been stretching like a mad woman. 4 inches in 3 days! It has had this “twisty” new growth that appeared to sort itself out but now she just looks stressed and weird. Wondering if it’s just starved for bloom nutes? For past few nights the plant goes limp and looks “tired” and droopy before lights out then seemed to rebound by lights on but this evening was looking quite ill to me.

Medium/grow method: Using Coco/Perlite 70/30 in autopots 4 gallon pots

Feed: and supplements used: Continuous feed via autopot reservoir. Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Grow A&B 2ml/L, Pro Silicate .5ml/L, MagiCal 1.5ml/L, Drip Clean 1ml/10L. PPM 1020 and pH 5.8-6.2

water source: Tap water drawn to sit for 48 hours ppm 40 pH 7.1

Strain/age: Blueberry Auto (ILGM) Day 45 of 10wk strain

light used: (Burple) 4x300w Galaxyhydro Full Spectrum LED and 1x400w Roleadro COB

Climate: Temps 80max lights on 68 lights off / RH 38-44% 240cfm intake and 440cfm exhaust with carbon filter

Additional info: This evening I flushed the plant with 8 gallons of pH 5.8 tap water. Final run off was pH 5.9 ppm 50. I cleaned the reservoir out, flushed the lines and cleaned the tray. I refilled the res with 4 gallons of bloom nutes at “half” strength pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A&B 1ml/L, Pro Silicate .5ml/L, MagiCal 1ml/L, Terpinator 1.5ml/L, Big Bud 1ml/L, Bud Candy 2ml/L and Drip Clean 1ml/10L

I have a second BBA that is 35 days old and being hand watered the same nutrients that the sick plant was. It looks healthy to me.


Wow @Screwauger you weren’t kidding she does look sad. I’ll be interested to hear what the experts have to say it may be.


@Screwauger she definitely does look weird

It’s an addiction in itself for sure. I have huge plans for thing I want to try, strains to try, methods, etc. Then my wife asks me what the hell we’re going to do with it all. Good problem to have I say.


Well, a resident autopot expert (pop22) just told me this which makes sense to me.

simply turn off the res for 2-3 days, your pots will retain plenty of water. I’ve seen this a couple times and this is all you need to do. Give the medium time to dry a bit. usually uoi only need to do this once. Why some plants do this I don’t know, but as you noticed, its just one plant being touchy…lol

Also check the valve to be sure there is nothing blocking the valve from closing, a glob of nutes for intstance. When running nutes in auto pots, its a good idea to inspect the valve area occassionally. I also keep, pre-made replacement tubing assemblies. I swap out the assemblies once a month then clean the one I relpaced as no matter what, nutrients will build up in those tiny fittings eventually. Now I have gone a whole grow without a change out, but its good to have a spare if you get a clog, it makes for a quick fix.

I have done all that he suggested except turning off my res for a few days.

It makes sense because this particular pot weighs 2-3x more than my other two pots.

Time, will tell. @AnneBonny and @muffybunny

He did seem to think that the funky growth was related to the “overwatering” and hence over nuting. He knows his stuff and as the day progresses, I’m sure other more experienced autopot growers will either support or refute his diagnosis. Love how this works.

Thanks Folks…wish me luck. The plant is still growing as she logged another inch height on the main stem in the past 24 hrs.


Some of my plants do that a little before the lights go out…I just figure they’re relaxing before they sleep lol


Well, being a soil grower but always paying attention to the “waterworld” I know only some. I suppose you could be overwatering, but I wouldn’t think it would be as easy to overwater. How often is the pump set to come on to water? Are you able to shut off the watering? Are you able to schedule a different watering time for this plant? @Screwauger


Hey @Covertgrower

The short answer is Yes. I have a ball valve between the reservoir and the pot tray that I can turn on/off.
I turned it off this morning and will let the plant ride out the next few days on it’s own saturation and what’s remaining in the tray.
There are no pumps or timers with autopots. All gravity fed as the plant wants it basically. What doesn’t get used right up by the plant sits in the tray in about an inch of clay balls with and aeration dome inside to keep the remianing nute solution aerated.
Each tray has a special valve that opens and closes to allow short dry periods. There could have been a blockage in the valve or the plant might have more issues causing it to not be drinking. Time will tell.


So I let her go dry for 24 hours and the wilt was horrendous this morning. I let it get nutes again and removed from the tent.
Though it is very difficult to overwater a plant in coco, that has been the consensus from those that have looked. I have been researching and it’s possible, if the plant was overwatered, that it picked up a touch of Pythium.

That might explain why it wilts at the tops but the remained of the plant does not look wilted or ill to me.

When Urban Garden opens at 10, gonna grab a jug of hydroguard and treat the reservoir and plants for root rot (though rare and likely not the problem in coco).

My track record is in serious jeopardy here and I do not like it. Frankly, I need these plants to get ripe or I am in deep sh*t. Yikes. About like this:


hahaha @Screwauger You’re on it. She’s gonna recover!


I’m moderately concerned as BBA2 who is 10 days younger is showing beginning signs of that “twisty” new growth at the tops so, I either figure it out or write off both BBA’s.



Keep us posted! Is there anyway to help the moisture drain or evaporate faster? @Screwauger