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Update November 28, 2017
GCA and BBA 1 & 2

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GCA Day 54 above coco Day 17 (approx) of Flowering
I super cropped the main stem a few days back. It was starting to tower above the side branches and it was now/later as to when I attempted to tame her. The “knuckle” has healed and the main top is blending in nicely with the remaining branches.

This plant is looking more and more like I may have been fortunate enough to grow a sativa phenotype. According to the literature from the breeder, the preferred pheno is the sativa in order to gain access to the described traits of this strain. Excited with reservation as I know how easy it is to kill or injure a plant. I am a tad (just a tad) concerned about the appearance of some of the pistils and small leaf tips but keeping an eye on it for now. I am running a fairly hefty bloom mixture that comes in a 1280ppm. If I continue to notice these discolored tips I may add water to bring the ppm’s down slightly. So far she seems to like the “heavy” feeding. My last autopot grow I never went above 900ppm even though the plants might have wanted more at times.

BBA1 Day 41 above coco
Been watching the pH of my solution very closely. I am getting some swings upward but with frequent checking this has not been sustained in the pots. Both res and pots are running 5.8-6.1pH. I continue to see some funky (twisted, narrow and very light green) new growth coming from this plant. It has begun to stretch a bit though and has gained 1.5 inches since I first noted the pH/nitrogen issue. This res is running at 1000ppm of grow nutes. May have to dilute a bit. Keeping a close eye on this plant also (and her younger cousin). I wonder, since the growth seems to straighten out if it is just representative of “explosive” growth lol

BBA2 Day 31 above coco
This young lady is doing okay so far. Huge fan leaves have been an issue with these BBA’s and trying to tuck them out of the way. Even with LST, the leaves have proven challenging. This plant is still being hand fed though I devised a way to mimic the autopot bottom watering sysytem (keeping the bottom 1 - 1.5 inches continually bathed in nutrient solution and air bubbles). The pump, valves and tubing and timer will be here tomorrow so I will be attempting to automate the bottom feedings LMAO. Given the fact she is receiving the same nutes as her older cousin, I am watching for the same new growth issues.


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Awwww, your weed plant is decorated so nicely. But why is your Xmas tree in a tent?


Theyre growing like crazy! Very very nice!!!


@Screwauger you know, my GSC is a hybrid, and it looked indica during veg, but completely jumped over to the sativa side when I flipped the lights. It was amazing to watch. So I completely understand about the leaning to one side of the other. As far as the odd growth was concerned, I had some of that, and it only looked like that when it was exploding with growth. It returned to normal as it matured. As far as heavy feedings are concerned, GSC and WW both enjoyed the heavy feedings and wanted more than others in the tent. When I was on my first grow, it didn’t take me long to realize every plant really was unique, and would have lived it’s own nutrient schedule. I think you’re doing a good job of reading your girls, and keep up the great work. I enjoy your updates.


The gang looks great. BBA1 has a lot of growth going on there! Impressive! @Screwauger


Girls look awesome @Screwauger. I like the way you hung your hygrometer, I may need to steal that idea. Love the cat under the tree too. Mine does the same thing. :cat:


Thanks AB, that cat is a “hot mess” as my gf likes to call her. She has terrible matted fur, won’t let us brush her or cut them off and she has an eye infection. Poor Mixxy. It’s a 200 vet bill just to have her put to sleep and shaved let alone shots and eye crap…oy! We love her though and she loves the tree skirt, always has. @AnneBonny

PS Girls are doing great now 3 days later!! Have a great w-end AB


Thanks very much for the kind words and for tagging along @bob31 @Covertgrower @Laurap @DieHigh55 and all the rest.

Got really busy this week and had trouble getting back to my journal. Will post a pic tonight but BBA1 is a bullet…she’s grown 1.5 inches since lights on this morning at 4am.


Awesome to hear, and it’s enjoyable to follow along @Screwauger and pics or it didn’t happen! Haha


Oh alright, just for you @Covertgrower I will shut down the LED grid to get some non-burple shots (this morning’s pic is burple though so nothin I can do).


11/28 Gonna call that 18.5"

12/1 a.m. Gonna call that 20.0"

12/1 p.m. Gonna call that 22.5. I misspoke 2.5" since 4:15 am. Something is dialed in.


11/28 Gonna call that 8" (that’s what she said)

12/1 Gonna call that 10.25" so 2.25" in 3 days

GCA Bud Porn (Man I suck at photos)


they all look great @Screwauger Happy tent!

I love the way you “hung” the hygrometer!


Haha Fully Adjustable @bob31

Amazing what you can do with 600yds of twist tie LMAO

Thanks Bob. The GCA is starting to fill out a bit actual day 57 but developmentally she appears more a Day 43 to me by comparing her to other journals of the same strain/breeder. I just switched her nutes to Overdrive so it’s a race to the finish which I estimate will be between Christmas and new Year.


I was bustin your chops, but that really is some serious growth. She’s going to turn out great @Screwauger. Looking awesome.


Oh no worries, I knew you were bustin my chops. I was “fishing” for a reason to throw up pics anyway!! LOL @Covertgrower


You can see the strange new growth on BBA1 but it rights around quickly. She’s in full blown pre flower now and stretching for the lights. The doc says 32" max, doubt I will get there but I am going to continue the grow nutes until the stretch stops then bang her over to bloom nutes. @Covertgrower


Fantastic keep up your grow big dance!


Yeah new growth does seem a bit odd sometimes, and then matures to look normal. @Screwauger I knew you’d be fishing for photos anyways. :wink:


Beautiful lookin Ladies @Screwauger.