One Down Two To Grow



Great looking grow my friend.
Growing autos has it’s plusses, one being that you can have several plants and various stages of growth. That green crack is going to be a producer.
Thanks for the rag, I’ll be following along enthusiastically. Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanks for taking a gander @North_East_Newbie

I am getting pretty excited about the Green Crack but not at the expense of the two BBA’s. Man they (BBA) have some humongous fan leaves for such small plants. Given the reviews of the BBA, that should be some “go to” gear for me.

The Strawberry Kush that @Willd grew is also some primo stash. Tastes great, hits smooth and gives you both a nice energetic body high and a pleasant, baffled state of mind. Just how I like my mornings!!


@Screwauger I had two branches on my Blue Dream that I had to super crop 2 weeks into flower because they were so tall. They were soft enough to still do and I didn’t see any adverse effects. I think you are good.


Coolio. Thanks @AnneBonny

I figure I am about two weeks into flower also. The scrogger in me could not tolerate that main stem being so much taller. I appears to be responding just fine so far.


2 weeks in you’ll be just fine I did them this last grow in their second week of flower they didn’t miss a beat :grinning: @Screwauger


Super to hear that. She looks good today!! Thanks @WillyJ



Drats, wrong month!!


I supercropped 90 precent of my last plant all the way up until 3 weeks before harvest


I am eager to update the journal. The supercropping seems to have had no ill effect.
The two BBA’s are exploding once the nitrogen/pH issue righted around.
Couple more days before I take pics and formally update but opening the tent is fairly invigorating currently!!!



Nice looking forward to it! :grinning:


Wanna see them BB’s! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Crappy pic and angle but it’s just a tease. lol


sweet indoor grow @Screwauger Looking at this pic has made me decide to have one more BB tonight!



BBA1 showed preflowers on day 37. Looks to be doing a bit of a stretch currently. Got HIGH hopes for those girls.
The sativa looking leaves on the crack plant have me very excited but nervous, given my track record hahaha

I am polishing off the Purple Haze Mr. @Willd gifted. Quite a nice head.


Getting ready to transplant mine in just a few mins. Two weeks old today.


Awesome Mr. (G) @Rugar89

These BB’s have the largest frikkin fan leaves I have ever seen. And, I just snapped one doing some leaf tucking.


Mine are huge as well. I think bigger then the last grow.


Looking healthy as can be!! @Rugar89


I have 2 purple haze going and they’re growing nicely can’t wait to see how they turn out…your grow is looking awesome…


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