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@Patsbasement thank you from Mixxy


i put a bid in on an autopot xl 4 pot system…hoping i get it!


This is hazel, always on the wrong side of the door


Oh nice. I hope you get it to!! @BIGE


Update November 21, 2017
GCA and BBA 1 & 2

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After going away for a couple of days and returning to find some minor issues, the tent seems to be back on track. It’s more of a challenge than I wanted but growing three plants at different ages is turning out to be an acceptable amount of labor. Always remember, I am a Lazy Gardener and a burnout so daily chores in the tent are not my goal.

GCA Day 47 from Sprout (from coco)
The G. Crack auto plant (not ILGM Genetics) has rebounded and is growing wonderfully. I’m looking at 8 inches in growth in the past 7 days. I switched the plant to full bloom nutes on 11/12/17 which I am sure has slowed the “stretch” so I am curious what it’s size might have been had I given it another week of nutes. Twelve days ago there was no sign of flowering. Eight days ago I saw significant pre flowering and she is in full flower mode now!! I’ll call it 47 days from sprout and 9 days in flower. I did some more gentle LST on this plant yesterday.

BBA1 Day 34 from Sprout (above coco)
This gal and her cousin (BBA2) are my first ILGM genetics. I grabbed up the 10 plus 10 BBA special in July! BBA1 is enjoying the autopot in my opinion. I started the air and auto feeding on 11/10/17. Her reservoir is still boasting Grow nutes with the final batch of silicate enhanced solution. I expect to refill the res with another 4-5 gallons of Grow formula bumping up the Sensi Grow A&B to 7.6ml/gallon and the MagiCal to 5.7ml/gallon, omitting the Silicate going forward for this plant. I did some LST yesterday and I am a tad concerned about the funky, twisted new growth. Researching.

BBA2 Day 24 from Sprout
This Gal is doing well. I lack an autopot Tray and Valve for this plant so I am still hand watering her. Her pot does have an airdome and air line in it and I have started the supplemental air. The “pan” I have the pot in is similar in size to the autopot tray (causes the bottom 1.5 inches of the pot with clay balls and air to be continually full of nute solution). I plan to order a small pump and timer that will handle “seconds” so that I can program a pint or so of nutes to pump into the tray 2-3 times/daily. Should work to mimic the autopt system to a degree.


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The twisted new growth is adverse reaction to excess nitrogen IMO


Seen that twisting in a micro the first 2 weeks from emerging (it’s because I refuse to change lol dang cheap miracle grow is so easy to get…).
Incoming question (duck!)
Are you leaving these gals to their own ways, meaning no scrog for them?

They look pretty awesome other than some twisting. In regards to excess nitrogen, only solution to that is…(takes a hit off ssh)…to flush?


they did not bite on my bid for the autopots @Screwauger…lol
i’m getting either this autopot system or active aqua 6 pot system for christmas this year i hope! lol
i will wait until holidays maybe they will put them on sale.


No @DoomSack not going to scrog these auto’s.

I am taking @Willd’s advice (and yours) and doing a flush. I’, fairly certain it was ph related nitrogen issues as the pH in my res had drifted quite high. I have found that silicate messes with the ph quite a bit.

Flushed both BBA’s as they were both feeding of the same res. Dumped the two gallons left in the res and cleaned it and refilled with a fresh batch of Grow Nutes.

Will watch them both over the next 48 hours.

Thanks Gang!!


They’re looking very nice considering the ph drifted a little. @Screwauger I’m considering growing with a home made version of an auto pot. Or hydroponically anyways. I’m not sure what to call it. Soil shipped here is expensive. I’m paying attention.


Hey @Covertgrower

Thanks Man. So far these work great.
All of this is a huge experiment for me.
I want to dial my grows in to include the most preferred method (scrog, LST, super cropping, all natural), medium, fert, light and environment et al
It’s going to take a few (maybe 6) grows until I have enough data for legit comparisons.
Right now, with the flavor and distinction of @Willd’s outdoor (and very limited chemical ferts) strains, I may end up thinking soil/oragnics grows better smoke. Not sure.
There are quite a few people using autopots with soil, adding in a product called Bio Tabs. The lines will clog with nutes that tend to settle or have particulates, most organic mixes. With soil and bio tabs, the res is just ph balanced water and all the nutes are in the tabs. It’s the “new” organic method of using the autopots. I may give the tabs a try down the line as I am concerned the chemical nutrients are hindering the flavor somehow. In fairness, I panicked and harvested my indoor grow before I had a chance to flush so, my first grow may have to be thrown out of “the study.” LOL

Tha nks for following along!!


@Screwauger is a monster man :slight_smile: great work,do you know how much roughly each plant is getting like gallons or ml a day? is it something you keep track of or just fill the res? :slight_smile:



I have a stick I marked up with gallons and half gallons demarcations. I can get a fairly good estimate of the number of liters/gallons being used daily, yes. Otherwise it’s kind of a mystery.


@Screwauger you are throwing out your first grow??
I can be in little LA in 2 hours …lol



Happy Thanksgiving Man.
Question, though it’s a bit too late since I already did it and I am seeking support for my guilt.
Is it too late to super crop after the plant has started to flower? Not the entire plant, just a tall branch to tame it?

It doesn’t seem too effected by it even though I mildly split the outer side of the stem. I put some molasses on the split and taped it up and the cropped part is already turning up toward the lights.



@Screwauger I’ve seen others have done this. Call it a future prevention. As long as you just do it one or two it should be ok.


Appreciate the input @Covertgrower

I have seen it done also, then I read a thread that says, oooooo never never do that in flower. Like most topics related to this hobby, you can find any opinion you like out there! Hahaha. Of course, now my eye is hyper alert to the slightest droop, I need to smoke a few more, find something on the tube in the bedroom and call it a night!

Peace Brother. Happy Thanksgiving!!


I’ve read that its ok to do in the first 2-3weeks after that I dont think it will hurt it will just be taking energy away from building flowers but probably not much if you only did one branch…I’ve read it could cause them to herm but I would think you would have to do more branches to stress her that much… @Screwauger and happy thanksgiving to you and your family thanks :grinning:


She’ll be just fine @Screwauger :+1::grinning: