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Quick Update GCA November 15, 2017

Things have returned to a more satisfying state in the tent. The GCA appears to have recovered nicely and BBA 1 & 2 appear on track to me.

In fact by my comparison of pics, the GCA has stretched a full 1.75 inches in a single day!! From 17.25" to nearly 19" in approx. 36 hours.

Day 41 above coco

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Awesome news that all is right with the tent again. Growing like…weed! Woo Hoo!


Those look amazing! Way to go @Screwauger :sunglasses::v:


@Screwauger it’s refreshing to see someone else measuring their plants after a day. Good to know I’m not the only one. Haha. They look amazing so far. Keep up the great work.


Whatever you’re doing, you must doing it right 'cause your plants look great. “Proficiat!” as we say in Dutch.


Hahaha, @Covertgrower Thanks!
Didn’t have the phone with me but I just measured her again. 21.5 inches so, roughly 1.5 inches in height in two days. I switched her to bloom nutes though so I suspect she will be halting stretch shortly.


GCA Update November 18, 2017

Just a quick note for reference later. Five days ago, the Green Crack plant was drooping and water starved. She was 17.25" tall. Today she measures 22.5" for an approximate 5.25" growth in the past five days!

It’s always something, and right now I regret switching her over to bloom nutes. Wishing I would have kept the grow nutes or transitioned her with a mixture of grow and bloom for a reservoir or two. Even so, an inch a day is adequate for now.

Apology but I’ve been working around the house all day and evening and keif hits since 9pm…pretty much hemorrhaging from the eyeballs and good pics would have required three maybe four plugs…nah!! I have not been awake late enough this entire grow to know if my lights actually go off from midnight to 4am…couple more bongs and I will be there!!

Speaking of which I just used up my B-Day gift cards. Bought a neat looking percolator bong and a cold weather vest from Cabela’s!!


Night folks!! @Rugar89 so are you back to self employed or has the new job eased off a bit?


3 more minutes until I get more likes. Lol. She still looks great @Screwauger even though you aren’t happy with the nutrients you gave her. She seems to be?



Having never grown the strain (fast buds green crack) I know it can go to 36".
I’m still getting a good stretch out of her and I am happy, my personality is the Eeyore type, never quite satisfied. But really I am, so far. She is killin’ it.

Fingers crossed I can get the BBA’s to stretch up into the 20’s or even maybe 30" woohoo :tm: lol


I shook out a combo of sweet tooth and 8 ball kush keif earlier, hole lee cow, makes me quite blunt headed!! Must make more for the holiday weekend!!


I’m really watching this grow @Screwauger I think I’m going to grow green crack after the clones finish. Keep up the good work!


So far with only TLC and mild LST, the plant looks great with over a dozen nice shoots/branches! Thanks for following along.

I look forward to this harvest and getting on with a grow where human (stoned) errors are eliminated. Hmmm @Covertgrower with the great weed we can realize these days I may need an grow room steward to redirect me when baked.

I have a letter from my physicians office. I complained of trouble sleeping/anxiety. I wanted something for sleep prescribed. He ran a drug test (my first ever) to determine if i was on the up and up. I was open/honest about pot use.

I got a letter that stated that my THC level was “too high for their instrument to measure” and they concluded that was likely the source of my insomnia, so stop using. HAHAHA I should frame the darn thing.


New job eased off a bit. I was hired to do a 8 week project that I was supposed to have 12 weeks to complete. I completed it in the 8 weeks but had to work crazy long hours to do it. But I still don’t have the free time I had like I did when working from home. Getting to old for this shit! But have to take the money while its there!


I think my tallest was around 20" at harvest.


Oh I hear you there. I just learned that I could leave my job and make more than double what I am making. But I have free and quite good, health insurance and a very decent retirement that I guess I traded for the chance to make buku bucks. Not complaining, more shocked that people are making so much in my field.

Great to have you back around. After the first of the year, when sledding begins, I spend every weekend and a few vacation weeks upta camp where 1x extended network is about all the cell coverage I have…I will be lurking but not able to post much (nor check my girls which was the main reason for the autopots).


@Screwauger I completely understand growing while medicated. I’ve made the habit of only entering the grow room, but not touching. While some people can function under the influence I can not. I am very thoughtful and creative, but sometimes those ideas get going, and I forgot where I was headed with it. Lmao.
Seriously too high to register? That’s quality stuff right there! I think that you should frame that! You know, since I’ve been consuming on a semi regular basis, I haven’t had a migraine in weeks. If this is all it takes, you better believe I’ll still be growing. Growing beats the $@.,?” Out of a migraine. I know you’ll keep me updated on this grow, because it’s what you do, but don’t forget. Btw, THC Bomb strain, in brownies is amazing. It’s a good strain for functionality, even for me.



Considering I am stoned from the first cup of coffee until bedtime, my growing while sober just not likely to happen lol.
Typical trip into the grow tent end of the basement:
Oh sh*t I’ll throw in a load of laundry…
Damn the trash needs emptying…
Did I run pails of water to sit? Yep, I did.
Oooo, I’ll mix up that five gallons of nutes, adjust the pH and let it simmer over night…
Add Silicate to pail of water, stir, set pH and…
oh shoot, got a text from Willd, sit at desk, send text do three bongs.
Did I put silicate or calmag in that pail??
I always start with calmag so, onto silicate…
Oh fudge, dump that pail, fill it and run the bubbler to expedite de-chlorination…
If there is no alarm set on my phone, spaced, I missed it. You get the picture hahahaha

Hey my lights are off and I see no light leaks or other glowing objects in the tent. Night Gang!! For realz


@Screwauger that’s kind of how I did it too. Distracted a lot. That was hilarious.


@Screwauger @Covertgrower
Hey you forgot to empty the cats litter box while you were down there
Go back down, do a bong hit maybe empty the litter box if you remember…