One Down Two To Grow



looking great @Screwauger
love your grow system!



These autopots are one of the simplest systems out there. And I still f*ck it up lol

Imagine, I started this process thinking I would tackle DWC and I can’t remember to turn on a 3/8" ballcock valve hahahaha


Are the 2x4’s for supporting a SCROG screen?


Those are 4X4 posts zip tied to the rear tent poles. Yes. They supported the rear of my scrog fence. The front posts were removable for access under the screen/fence. Since I lashed them in there pretty good I decided to leave them for the next scrog (which will be like @bob31’s half a tent scrog) @Willd


pass the popcorn please!


Looks good! Seems to be no real damage :sunglasses: I’m sure it was well worth any damage to be able to see that grandson :v:
I’m betting that will not he a mistake made again…


Glad to see the GC is making a comeback, they’re looking great.


What’s a flo and grow setup? Sounds interesting! You’re plants look great,BTW!:clap::clap:


@DieHigh55 It’s a lazy mans ebb and flo mashup. lol Thanks by the way.

I have autopots so that I don’t have daily watering chores. This third plant lacks an available autopot thereby wanting me to hand water. Not.

with a single pump I plan to set up a timer to kick on for a few seconds every 3-4 hours letting just a pint or so of nutrient solution into the pot tray. Based on my observations (how long it takes the plant to suck up the tray contents) I plan to adjust the flo to provide the three or four decent feedings per day.

A more proper description I have seen on the net is an ebb and grow. The solution “ebbs” in but there is no “flo” back out to a waste line or back to the reservoir. It’s my attempt to mimic the autopot function of continuous bottom feeding.


Everything looks great including the abused one. I’m just glad she will make it. I’m definitely following along, I may venture into hydroponics yet! @Screwauger


So the water is drawn upwards from the roots as coco is very absorbant? Actually I have no idea what the F that was all about, even after googling “smart pots”.


Autopots (and hence my self designed ebb and grow) are a continuous bottom feed system. Each pot has an “airdome” which is a half round porous plastic dome that sits in the bottom of the pots and is connected to an air pump. Hydroton or expanded clay balls are used but not required. There is both a wicking action as the hydroton layer sits in nutrient solution and bubbles. Roots seek that sh*t out so my pots have roots throughout but a heavier growth near the bottom of the pot due to the air and nutrients sitting “idle” down there. @DieHigh55 Yes, through capillary action, the pot stays moist except for the top 2" or so.

After the grow @DieHigh55


O-kkkkkay…that’s a long ok. So how can you be sure that your pH is right if you don’t have a runoff to check? My muddled brain is trying to understand this system, but. .we ain’t gettin’ it.



I do not have a good answer for that given this is my second grow using these pots. It is why I have shied away from the soil grow threads with all of the in’s/out’s of ppm’s and pH’s. I know nothing about those methods or requirements when growing weed. The grower I am following recommends the Sensi pH Perfect nutes from Advanced Nutrients to maintain a more consistent pH but I used General Hydroponics nutes last grow and just monitored reservoir pH.

Not really required with these pots OR perhaps not really required, period. ppm’s are purposely kept at weak strength because 24/7 life of the plant feeding.

pH is measured (by me) obsessively at mixing time and periodically will check the reservoir pH and adjust as needed but what sits in the pot, sits in the pot. I did have a yellowing early on in my first grow and I checked the pH at pot level but otherwise never do.


I can’t post links but there is an autoflower forum at another website that has a section devoted to growing with autopots. The drainage and massive air retention properties of coco coupled with the air dome and continuous feeding, can grow some really large plants, auto’s in particular. I am just experimenting.


On it’s way, be here tomorrow. My plants and us humans will surely benefit since the RH in the basement is 32% and the tent 25%.


Mine has been running 24/7 since the woodstove started @Screwauger and thanks for expounding on your system.It is interesting to see all the different ways people do it!


My pleasure @bob31

Going forward, it seems that spot beside the tent will always be filled with a device to add moisture or to subtract it from the air, so I bet the bullet. I can clean the de-humidifier and store it till summer! Not a need I really thought about when I started this process.


@Screwauger @bob31
I too am learning a lot from this… I am old Yankee dirt farmer from nh and this new fangled high tech stuff is interesting
Btw I followed your lead and switched to advanced nutes a and b with photosynthesis plus plants are doing great thanks


Thanks @Patsbasement

This is a great community of folks!! When I grew in the nineties I had ed rosenthal’s indoor bible or some such book. I used generic potting soil from anywhere. I used liguid miracle grow, no flushing awareness or other techniques. About as high tech as I was including “pinching” or topping and cloning. Other than that I watched and waited and ya know what, I grew great tasting, dense buds that got you ripped.

Now with all this new stuff, all I wanted was low maintenance and no daily watering requirements. I did get that but it’s still a labor of love so I do not want to be too disconnected from the day to day.