One Down Two To Grow



Still getting unpacked from my weekend away!

Before leaving I shut the taps off on my autopots to top off reservoirs. Apparently in my haste, I only turned the tap on for BBA1. Green Crack Auto’s tap was off and she was a bit wilted from lack of water. I quickly started the nutes back to her and I suspect she will be fine but was expecting 3-4 inches of growth, NOT.

BBA2 and BBA1 look fine but RH is/was 28% so “dialed in” I am not. MY bucket with wicking towel and fan is not cutting it so plan B needs to be devised quickly.

Side note: I got to sample girl scout cookie and gorilla glue this weekend and brought back a little GG for the long ride!! Y.U.M.


Met my grandson @Rugar89 thanks!


@Screwauger what is your personal review of the GSC strain? :thinking:



Firstly, a real heavy hitter. Both a chatty social buzz and a full on body high (my knees felt like they were smiling). Very nice flavor but not the “thin mint” taste I had read about. Not really a sweet flavor but on exhale very pleasant taste. The buzz lasted quite a few hours but I was then onto other varieties. Good over all, but not great in my book. I have no idea the origin of the GSC I sampled. It was likely not ILGM but have no clue.


Was interested in you’re review of what I grew. It’s not supposed really taste a lot like mint. Just a hint. I can say it’s very sweet tasting. I think the genetics portion is an important part of this equation. @Screwauger


Good Monday morning to you @Screwauger
Have you prepared your snow machine yet??
Glad you saw your grandson…my girlfriend has two and we have a saying:
Nice to see em come, nice to see em go!
Have a great day!


@Patsbasement Thanks very much. Yes, my sled is at a shop in Augusta getting “winterized.”

I agree with you on the grandchild but I am afraid my girlfriend is planning to be a “I’ll watch the kid while you travel and play” type gram. I am not. I agree with you and I have my Dad’s philosophy, “I raised my kids!” We have good friends that literally watch their grandson every day of the week and 90% of the weekends and they have literally been removed from any other joyful activities. I get it but that’s not me. My grandson lives 1700 miles away and if I see him twice a year I will be doing great!

On a much sadder note, my Green Crack looks no better after 12 hours on the reservoir again. I am sick to my stomach over it but it is what it is…

Any ideas @ntmaremach or other hydro or coco growers? @Donaldj @garrigan65 @Hogmaster

2 days without water (by accident) and not really bouncing back


My little angel is 800+ miles away. I go there once a year to see her. She’s 8 now and old enough to randomly text me from her mom’s phone. It’s hilarious! She is my gift for raising her dad.

As for your water oops, that sucks. I’m certainly no expert, but don’t lose hope on her. How many plants have you seen on here come to the very brink and then make it back? Talk to her and give good vibes. I bet she makes a massive comeback.



Thanks @Donaldj

I hauled her out and pH balanced a bucket of water and will spoon feed her plain water and watch closely. Thanks again Brother. Of course I bathed her in nutrient water to try the healing so should have come here first.


i’m sure the girls will start showing recovery soon for you. There’s always something that can go wrong at anytime. I’ve recently noticed one of my feed lines was almost blocked with roots so I had to do some maintenance work getting them back flowing again.


the worst thing for any hydro system auto or otherwise is letting it go dry minerals and chemicals become crystals and solid plugging lines emitters wicking systems become hydro phobic (resist water) reducing transfer rate


My latest build I actually put layer of window screen above main res s roots exit net pots dangle few inches than hit screen in theory? from there they spread out forming mat which is still in air misted by sprayers. They will overtime work their way to res but bulk will be able to absorb fresh air and be kept away from mt pump and intake.
The concept is a hybrid take on low pressure aeroponics coupled with NFT nutrient film tech :wink: if it works nice next revision is simple from there


Flushed my system with balanced water. Gave the plant a few hours with balanced plain water and also gave a couple pints “top feed” of plain water. Cleaned my res and refilled with bloom nutes (mild solution) and now fingers are crossed.

Never a good time to stress an auto but in it’s stretch is the absolute worst time. Trade off was holding my grandson for a few hours and hearing him squeal and laugh and smile however; I am an idiot. I had three lists and checking that tap was on all three. How I missed it can only be “human error.”


I bet that plant will come back… i did the classic newbie mistake and had twice as many plants that I could use threw two plants into the corner of the basement and forgot about them until April when i put em on the deck and they came back … no useful buds but a conversation piece.


Sorry to hear about your situation @Screwauger I’m hoping with you that she will bounce back.


Update GCA; BBA 1 and BBA 2
November 14, 2017

Good Morning ILGM Folks and those interested in Autopots. Going to through this update in because of my “set-back” with GCA. I went away for the weekend and failed to turn on the tap for the GCA so she went 60 hours without nutes or water.
@Willd @WillyJ @Covertgrower @70sChick @North_East_Newbie @Patsbasement @aussie123556 @AnneBonny @Rugar89 @bob31

GCA Day 40 above Coco
So I stressed this young lady out but she is making a come back. She was stretching rapidly at about 1" per day. It has grown and obviously started to flower. I drained the nute res and cleaned it out, hydrated the plant with pH balanced plain water for 12 hours then onto the res refilled with Bloom Nutes Sensi Bloom 7.6ml/gallon Bloom A&B, 5.67ml/g MagiCal; 7.6ml/g Terpinator, 3.8ml/gal Big Bud; 3.8ml/g Bud Candy and 1ml/2.5g Drip Clean

3" growth in 6 days oh well.

BBA 1 Day 27 from sprout or above coco
Started the reservoir and air dome before leaving for the weekend. This young lady is growing nicely!

BBA 2 Day 17
This young Blue berry auto will get one more hand feeding in a day or two then it’s into a self designed “flow 'n Grow” set up that will see the plant receive 2 - 4 daily bottom feedings daily which will be adjusted based on the pots uptake.


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The gang looks great @Screwauger GCA looks like it never happened. Looks like a fine and proper winter garden to me!


Thanks @bob31

I agree other than a couple possible inches of growth lost, she is back to getting her stink on! Smelly one that one!!!