One Down Two To Grow



@Screwauger everyone looks great nice job
And good call on filter
@ntmaremach the cool mist type humidifiers are the ones that seem to cause a issue with carbon filters
I recommend using evaporative type humidifier
These do not cause the issue
I also recommend humidifier be placed outside of tent this way you pull moist air into tent with either passive vent or intake fan will ne easier to maintain humidity this way
If in a large grow room then a humidifier in room is fine
Yents tend to be in a negative pressue so it hard to maintain humidity levels with humidifier in tent
Just a fyi guys @bob31 @Screwauger


Little more LST on the Green Crack Auto


that gal is going to make a lot of little green crack rocks! @Screwauger


Oh Boy I hope so @BIGE Descriptions of this strain are very interesting!

I should add that this young lady has got her “stink” on…wreaking up the whole basement five minutes out of the tent.


You got that girl lookin good @Screwauger :sunglasses::v:


lol,what are you selling these seeds?
if not,you should be! because i was sold at;


Lol @Screwauger was catching up on the grow, wifey seen a picture started talking about angles and other foreign language… she swore you did photography lol had a lil bet with her :rofl:


That hilarious. Well, good to know I can accidentally take a structurally interesting picture. I always say, I have one of the most powerful camera’s in my hand in my iphone 7 just wish I knew how to use it. Flash on, Flash off bout the extent of the features I am proficient with. lol @Crackindaflesh


:rofl: same boat here, only difference you have a phone camera that works!!


She’s looking good, and I love the fact that she stinks up the basement just being a short time out of the tent. Mrs covertgrower has made comments how potent they’re going to be based on that… lol @Screwauger


Looking real nice @Screwauger


Appreciate folks taking the time to look and thank you for the kind words. I have a feeling I’m gonna need a bigger boat. I think these autos are going to be quite large and 3 is too many for my tent but I’m going to try to cope with LST and supper cropping if necessary. Thanks again!!

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@Screwauger any time. And “that’s some bad hat harry” lol. Couldn’t resist.


Thanks Bro! @ntmaremach


Everything looks great @Screwauger! Milly is a super guard kitty. Have a safe trip and enjoy.


Looks like @Screwauger just upped the game! Watching closely. Those Auto Pots are looking real interesting!


Go autoflower network and search biggest yeilding autos. Im not even going to say #'s bc its insane! Autos bigger then most peoples photos! Super autos and XXL genetics are blowning that away with one auto though! Lots of picts and grow journals to match pictures


G.C. or one of her family is in our radar next. We were just smoking some green crack for a few weeks, and are in love with it. GC. Is perfect wake n bake on the way out the door before work and all day smoking when u need to be stoned but be able to function, long clear high. Save the coma-tose-couch lock- drool on ur self stuff for night time when my couch needs held down.Good luck, the girls r look’n very nice.


The grower that I am essentially mimicking is on that site, been there and read dozens of journals by various auto aficionados. Thx

There is a dedicated forum for autopots and the “king” of autopots there is hansbricks



Welcome Back! Hope you had a good trip. :pray: