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Dude that’s a freaking awesome harvest!!
Go ahead on and get you sum of that!!!
Killer man,just killer


You inspire all of us to “do better next time with the allotted space” @Screwauger and of course I’m out of likes again. This like system is wonky.


The dawn to dusk controllers are pretty cool! Although I’m not 100% convinced that gains from them equate to the cost yet. I’m watching loosely, so let me know if you see something that jumps out about any of them.

As far as the far reds, I believe those to be viable. Going with 90 cri Cree will already implement some far red. It’s probably the reason the grow @Daddy posted about had the 90 cri finish earlier than the 80 cri. Outside of cool factor, I don’t believe the light you have planned out would gain any from the far initiator. That’s essentially some of what you’re gaining for the drop in light intensity over the 80 cri. The rest being higher intensity in blue wavelengths and across all of the reds. It’s pretty much the total package without having add to.


Brother, If I could give you ten likes I Would! Great job! @Screwauger


I laughed when I saw the flag! I got mine too! I think that is fitting! Whats more American than WEED!


Thanks @bob31 and Thank you and all of our Vets for Your Service!!


I tossed my pats hat and shirt and wore the flag shirt on Sunday. I didnt go anywhere so no one saw it, but it made me feel better. I only watched half the pats game. Until they stand, I don’t watch! Thanks @Screwauger :us:


@dbrn32 thanks for informing me of that. I didn’t realize he had the 80 CRI. And installed the far red to make up the difference.


I’m not 100% sure he did, or even who we’re talking about? Growmau5?

I’m assuming, which is generally not a good thing. But my assumption comes from someone that knew enough or knew someone that knew enough to build and go as far to supplement, knew what they were lacking. The 90 cri cobs aren’t exactly new, but the more recent bins are getting efficacy up to where it’s reasonable to take advantage of the more horticulture friendly spectrum. A lot of builders will still go with lower cri stuff for the increase in photons despite less desirable light spectrum.

I’m not even sure that makes sense. I’m a little buzzed and it sounded good to me.


Yes @dbrn32 that guy. I’ll forgive you if your buzzed. Lol. I love the sound of effiecency. So far I would bet I will probably be using less than my current set up anyways.


Yes, what I see as the main advantages of the cri 90 are that you ARE picking up more of the far reds, but you are also getting more blues in the same color temp, but at about a 10% loss in efficiency depending on how they are driven. My Idea is to blend my color temps and cri’s for a better coverage in spectrum. The test was 80cri vs 90cri with everything else the same and the 90 finished about 10 days earlier with close to the same yield. That is 10 days of saved electricity and a 10 day head start on your next grow. If guys really want a chance of hitting that 2gr. per watt…this will be the direction I think.


@Daddy 2g per is pretty ambitious. I think it attainable, but everything about your grow is going to have to be yield oriented. High yielding strain, from clone of a high yielding pheno, max nutes probably all the way to chop, high plant count, and absolutely not a single hint of a problem.

On top of that, simply having Cree or big name diode won’t be enough. You’ll need to be running them at low currents to keep them uber efficient, probably have something like 6-8" spacing on center to keep par levels up, and be adding co2.

While again it’s maybe attainable, we’re talking serious build cash! More importantly, it’s not the direction the majority of people here seem to be looking. At least from an investment standpoint. I’d love to help spec something like that, but I would have a hard time convincing anyone that’s the route best suited for them. For 30-50% of the cost we can go with a medium current and 10-12" cob spacing and target the 1-1.5 gpw range doing about the same things without co2.

I think when you look at the trends here, the masses are chasing more quality over quantity. It’s not that you can’t have both, but growing a personal stash is a lot different than a commercial cash crop. The members here are doing things like starving nutes at the end of their grow, slow drying, and targeting long cure. Not the typical things you would do targeting weight. But the more experienced growers seem to still be in the neighborhood of a g/watt with amazon fixtures. I’d say that’s pretty outstanding! In fact, there’s a couple i’d probably loan a light to just to see what they could do with it.


First off I want to apologize to @Screwauger, didn’t mean to hijack your thread brother lol. To @dbrn32, we know that we have some insane quality and dense buds will LED’s, everyone is getting better every day especially with awesome sites like this. We know that 2gr. per watt will be attainable in the future and I was just saying that this will be the direction it comes from. Everyone here would love to keep their quality and purity while upping their yield right? I agree with you about the resident growers here too, If they had some of the new gear to run they would freak out lol.

I grew back in the day when no-one would share information and you had to learn everything on your own (pre-internet too). I have learned alot of tricks that still apply today even with all of the new technologies. That combined with what is available now does make a huge difference.


Little late but wanted to say @Daddy that I don’t mind at all, love the information and the banter. I also love music and this version of Jessica by the ABB playing on Pandora is just excellent. What a great tune.

Best Of The Allman Brothers Band - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection


Green Crack/Blueberry Auto Grow Update 10/16/17

@Willd @bob31 @BIGE @ntmaremach @North_East_Newbie @WillyJ @Patsbasement @Niala @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower

BBA (Blueberry Auto) Day 5 Dropped Bean 8 days ago, today is Day 5 above ground (coco). First water/feed today 2ml/g Sensi Grow A&B, 7.8ml/g VooDoo Juice and 3.8ml/g Magical pH 5.8 the plant received approx 1 pint of solution .

GCA (Green Crack Auto) Day 18

GCA Going to start the autopot air and feed on Day 21 after I feed her one more time on Day 19 bumping up the Sensi Grow nutes to 5.7ml/g. Obviously, because of the set back with having to cull one of the Green Crack plants, I am going with 2 reservoirs. After my initial grow using two different strains I vowed not to do that again. Problem is, I only had two GCA beans. Now I am growing 2 different strains again so not only are the separate reservoirs needed because of age differences (you don’t start the res until the plant is solidly rooted in the pot) but there’s that nute burn issue I caused in my last grow. Individualized Plans of Care it is. Thanks.


Looking great @Screwauger nice set up :+1::+1:


@Screwauger That 5 day old BB looks absolutely perfect. I need to research those nutes you use!:joy:
the elder is very pretty.
I love your tent, so much room to grow upwards. And 4 LED’s :open_mouth: what’s the wattage again? Oh yeah 300 and 125.


@Screwauger I just switched to advanced nutes sensi a/b from fox farms…the grow in flower now will be my last with ff…I feel I’ve got all I can get out of the ff line which is good but I want better lol…plus sensi is ph perfect and so far plants seem to love it…I’ve also added a microbial tea to my line up…I add that to my waterings without nutes…loving the advanced line :+1::+1:


@Screwauger I too am realizing individualiized plans of care for each plant/strain. That’s a huge variable I’ve realized after my first grow. This one will be better because of that level of detail. Closely watching!


Screwauger you did an Awesome job on that first grow, congratulations !!! I’ve been wanting to try the seeet tooth for years thank you so much for the smoke report.That Green Crack sounds awesome also.Again great job,please tag me for this next run so I don’t miss anything.