One Down Two To Grow



Keep up the good work! But please remember to breathe once in a while. Stop and smell the flowers!


Sounds good! I definitely know what it’s like to be busy. Was just curious.

Keep up the good work!


Green Crack Grow Update 10/16/17

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GCA 1 Day 10

GCA 1 is on her way to the trash. Disappointed but gotta move along. Dropped a BlueBerry Auto (BBA 1) in water yesterday, into paper towels this morning and we wait.

GCA 2 Day 11

GCA 2 is growing nicely. Day 11 since sprout above ground. Gave her her second feeding yesterday of the same nute mix as previous update.


Looking fantastic @Screwauger woohoo brother


The first one looks like my AHA1 Not sure what is going on with these! GC looks much healthier! @Screwauger


Your going to have a nice looking bunch :+1::+1:


Thanks for taking a look @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @WillyJ

I got these two green crack beans from another vendor/bank and they have been around for a while now. GCA 1 looked tiny and not like her sister from the day I got them so who knows. Onward…

At least one appears healthy and I’ve been dying to grow ILGM genetics so it was easy to decide on BBA 1 as a replacement for the sickly GCA 1.


Looking awesome @Screwauger Your girls look great.


Thanks very much @Covertgrower

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Screwauger’s 2017 Harvest Totals

Five (5) Plants - 2 Indoors and 3 Outdoors

Sweet Tooth 3.6oz Nugs .62oz Trim/Popcorn = Total 4.2oz

8 Ball Kush 5.0oz Nugs .52oz Trim/Popcorn = Total 5.5oz

Total Indoor Harvest = 8.6oz Nugs 1.1oz Trim/Popcorn = Total Indoor 9.7oz

Kiwi Skunk 4.3oz Nugs 5.4 oz Trim/Popcorn = Total 9.7oz

Cotton Candy x 2 6.5oz Nugs 6.5oz Trim/Popcorn = Total 13.0oz

Total Outdoor Harvest 10.8oz Nugs 11.9oz Trim/Popcorn = Total Outdoor 22.7oz

2017 Harvest Grand Total (Trial of Firsts) 19.4oz Nugs 13.0oz Trim/Popcorn = Total Harvest 32.4oz

Once again, I want to thank all of you who assisted, intervened, guided, followed along and generally helped me make my First Grow since 1998 a Huge Success! Thanks one and all.


Nicely done @Screwauger!
Almost @ POUNDS of homegrown bud!

I like the patriotic picture of your harvest on the flag LOL


Thanks NEN @North_East_Newbie I am blown away. I was hoping for a pound max or 12 oz to have a years worth on hand but, I’m all about stocking up, lol. Thx again.

It just dawned on me, I hope that is appropriate. I am naive about such things but would never want to disrespect our Flag. I just got that US Flag when I received my “I Stand” flag T-Shirt from Howie Carr (@bob31). Is this appropriate good Sir.


Well done @Screwauger ! Feels great doing it yourself, doesn’t it? I love this sport!


Oh indeed it does @Patsbasement. Indeed. So many pluses but the one I love most, no bi-weekly phone tag and meet ups and missed opportunities and highs and lows of the score. I have always hated that. Thanks Man.


@Screwauger I don’t feel having the American flag portrayed in this picture as being disrespectful. Makes me feel more Patriotic when I know that “you stand” too. The United States of America have had a very rough relationship with cannabis, I’m sure you know some of it’s history, but it was really crappy way to get it banned. It’s as American as you think it is, that’s all that matters. “Pursuit of happiness” I think this category is qualified under? Correct me if you feel differently. I really try not to get to political on here. However patriotism maybe should be ok.

Harvest related: freaking awesome, I’m out of likes again, and I can’t wait to get to this level. I’m ordering rapid LED light kit in about 3 weeks. Can hardly wait, and it’ll improve my grow for sure. Clones are coming! Keep up the awesome growing, you have it!


That’s awesome brother woohoo
Nice job my man :sunglasses: CB :v:


Hey @Covertgrower , I’ve been following along with you and @dbrn32 regarding your light options/choices. Exciting stuff as I know one day I will invest in top of the line set up. That Rapid is going to be awesome (I stalk and follow links/google/see for myself lol).

Thanks for the comments and we are good, same same. I have strong political convictions but I try to keep them to like minded sites. I viewed it the same as you do, a symbol and thankfulness for my ability to be free, do as I please and a symbolic reward of sorts for supporting the Patriotic Freedoms that ours forefathers and friends, family and Countrymen fought so hard to protect. Thanks very much.

My goal in all of this was to see what a tent this size could produce and this current grow is the second half of that equation (Autoflower plants with LST and dialed in atmosphere OR SCROG). I am of the belief that the scrog harvest of 9.7oz will be hard to beat but I am going to give it my best.


Thanks John. You da Man @Countryboyjvd1971


No sir you da man @Screwauger I lost my outdoor you didn’t hanaha
Well I lost some of my outdoors


Still out of likes. @Screwauger makes me feel better that we share the same opinion on the political subject. And your welcome!
That rapid LED kit is going to be the tip of the iceberg I think. That’s just opening doors. That’s fun that you just observe @dbrn32 and I comments and suggestions. What little googling I did, I was amazed. I think it’s a solid build for sure. There’s a guy on there that has the set up dialed in to mimick the natural lighting in the 12 hours. Dim at sunrise, full brightness mid day, and dimmer towards the end, with Far red imitating the sunset. Amazing. That set up won’t happen overnight, but it might happen.
I forgot what size tent you were working with. 3X3? Or 4X4?


Yes, basically, it’s a tad larger than 3x3 it’s 39"x39"x70"