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Thanks @North_East_Newbie

Last December when I decided to get back into growing I set out in search of anything that would not tie me to daily watering. Being tied to the grow room twice daily certainly played a role in my divorce, a small one but nonetheless, a role. I looked at DWC and drip pots and all sorts of devices that would fit my budget.

Autopots work for any type of plant and not just autoflower cannabis.

It’s a passive hydro system of continuous bottom feeding and neat “aquavalves” that allow the pots to dry a bit before the next batch of nute solution is allowed into the pot. The system is gravity fed by a 12 gallon res (looks like a kitchen garbage can) and during my last grow I could go up to 11 days between res fill ups.

I love them as they have been problem free but one caveat, they don’t play well with organic nutes. Any nutrients or additives that had sediment will clog the lines and create problems. Mineral based nutes only although, many folks are using super soils and an item called “bio-tabs” where everything is in the pot, res just filled with water.

Thanks again and for checking in.


You’ve peaked my interest.
I will be googling this method & checking out amazon for the supplies. :grinning::+1:


Just like last time I’ll be following along for the ride! This going to be awesome @Screwauger I’m fastening my seatbelt. :wink:


@Screwauger,looking good again,:)just wondered with the sensi grow a+b an you have calmag additive aswell.does the sensi grow a+b not have enough calmag in it,was looking at this product aswell.i thought from watching nvclosetmedgrower he adds extra calmag an alot of others do it to an noticed it on your list of supplements,did you find a difference without it by much,?can i ask what the n.p.k part is for the calmag…the 1 i have is 4-0-0…:slight_smile:


Nice @Screwauger I’m along for the ride.


Great work just think…you will be sledding when you harvest this crop! Closing up the camp this weekend


Thanks @aussie123556

The Magical is 2-0-0 N-P-K

I plan to use it solely because the grower I am copying uses it. Not really sure on the science behind it. Coco tends to be a cal/mag whore, wanting more and more. This coupled with the rapid growing nature of autoflower strains is why I think he uses it as a supplement.


That’s true @Patsbasement

The Harvest is turning out to be an awesome time!! Every place I go someone is handing me a bag!!

That’s a coincidence, I was just talking to my buddy about going up to open camp lol


Green Crack Grow Update

Let’s meet the Girls:

Green Crack Auto 1 (GCA 1) Day 2:

Green Crack Auto 2 (GCA 2) Day 3:

These are two Green Crack autoflower beans from another source. I labeled them GCA 1 which was a tiny itty bitty seed and GCA 2, a plump full sized looking bean.
Beans soaked for a total of 12 hours beginning 10/3.
Early morning 10/4 the beans had sunk and GCA 2 had an obvious split so into paper towels they went and placed on furnace for warmth.
By 11:00am on 10/5
GCA 1 was laying in the towel completely free from the seed casing with 1/2" tap root.
GCA 2 was showing 1/2" tail so both went into their final 4 gallon autopots (AP’s).

The AP’s were “pre-charged” with 1.5 qts of water with 7.6ml/g voodoo juice, 3.8ml/g Magical with a pH 5.8 on 10/4.
GCA 2 poked out of the pot on 10/6 and GCA 1 on 10/7.

Both Girls will get their first feeding on Day 5 which will be approximately 1.5 pints (750ml) of Sensi Grow A&B 2ml/g, voodoo juice 7.6ml/g and Magical 3.8ml/g.

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@Screwauger Congrats on the new girls. Hopefully they will produce sample joints like mine does. lol


Looking healthy and happy as usual @Screwauger keep up the great work. Happy growing!


Thanks very much @Covertgrower and @ntmaremach !!

Green Crack Grow Update 10/11/17

@Willd @bob31 @BIGE @ntmaremach @North_East_Newbie @WillyJ @Patsbasement @Niala @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower

GCA 1 Day 5

Held off on the scheduled feeding today as this gal seemed to stall after breaking ground. Took some TLC and we wait. Will likely feed tomorrow.

GCA 2 Day 6
This gal got her scheduled feeding of 1.5 pints of Sensi Grow A&B 2ml/g, Voodoo Juice 7.6ml/g and Magical 3.8ml/g.

All things considered I am pleased so far. These plants need to be in the tent where I can control temps and RH better but right now, the tent is full of drying meds so another week+ and these ladies can go home.


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Love the gals @Screwauger I look forward to seeing your awesome green skills and make these the best they can be. They look green and healthy so far.


Taking it up a notch! Looking forward to a pain free journey! @Screwauger


Looking great @Screwauger those babies look happy. Look forward to the updates.


3 products on that table I use or have used :wink: Pro silicate Big Bud and I gave up on terpinator in favour of Botanicare Sweet


For sure I will be peeking in on you… :wink: I’m just surprised that you add nutrients so early with no ill effects… I will definitely be watching… good vibes , my fellow cultivator… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Moving right along, as usual!

You decided to just make that repair and use that light as is correct?


I’ve been so busy with my grows and my father in law and work that I completely spaced on that @dbrn32

I am not ruling out some mods after things slow down a bit and I planned to hold one of the galaxyhydro’s as a back up and only have three going in the tent.