One Down Two To Grow



Sweet Tooth is hanging in the garage.
Had to get out the snips, cut the scrog screen down the middle and bam, plant, screen and pot all came out the side window of the tent.
I flushed it with 15 gallons of ph’d water and flora kleen, let it hang out for an hour then took the limb cutters and chopped her.
Got some pics but my phone died out in the garage.
Covered all the windows with cardboard, stuck a fan in there to circulate the air and hung the entire plant upside down screen and all.
I am overjoyed but also a realist. I tucked 2 weeks too long and limited my cola potential. Lots of tops and a few nice 5-6" colas but for the most part small tops…time will tell but I would be amazed if I pulled an oz once dried.
Thanks @Jmesser80

hahaha @bob31 boy do I and the house smells wonderful (to me). Ona gel and spray to the rescue.

Thanks Gang!!


I can smell it from here! Whoo wheee

Btw I got a half ounce dried off my tiny bba you’ll get an ounce no problem!


Lousy flash pic but hey, I was sweating balls, my phone had .5% power and I had other things to do.


I’m outta likes and you certainly deserve them!!!



Thanks @bob31

It was getting late so I hung it but I plan to get some better photos once I trim fan leaves and oggle it tomorrow!! Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh.

The cola’s forming on the cotton candy freaked me out so I carried it into the garage also and locked all of em up. Thank goodness coco is light stuff. Add two more daily chores, in at night, out in the morning!!

I grew my own weed thanks to all of you and ILGM… GrowingMarijuana


Bravo! Once you get her trimmed down good, let’s get the wet weight! generally 20% of the weight wet is the dry weight!


Will do @bob31

Is that wet weight to include the branches? I plan to do a rough trim today of the fan leaves and to then cut off the branches to hang individually. How do I calculate the wet weight? Thx.


You did it! Congrats in order. Are you moving the CC to keep her away from prying eyes? You want to be mindful not to stress her doing that. But what am I saying? I’ve taken to kicking the trunks of the ones I can’t shake with the scrog net to wake up any pests needing eradication every morning and afternoon.


Yes. With trees losing leaves and fall descending on us my yard is becoming more and more exposed to prying eyes and noses. I never though about stressing her. Thanks Man.


@Screwauger dude I think your going to be surprised when your done drying her when you scrog the buds /colas will be smaller then when you let it grow up but you have many more than you would also
You plant looks good hope she drys and treats you well my friend woohoo :raised_hands:
Happy growing my friend :+1: :v::cowboy_hat_face: CB


Thanks CB, I appreciate that from an experienced scrogger. Headed out to the barn in a second to do some trimming, get the screen off the plant and get a better look at her!! @Countryboyjvd1971


Nice :+1: I can’t wait to see some more pictures
Have a great day brother


@Screwauger It might be tough to get an accurate wet weight that way, but you can include the trim weight when you do your dry trim.


hey @Screwauger nice job sir! are you using quantum boards?


No @BIGE just Amazon bought leds


Wow @Screwauger Awesome job! It’s a high in and of itself when you get to harvest…and such a spectacular specimen. Be proud of that! Can’t wait to hear the final count. :tada::confetti_ball:


Sweet Tooth Emergency Harvest September 13-14, 2017

116 Days from Sprout
51 Days in Veg
63 Days in ScrOG
47 Days @ 12/12 (Barney’s projected a 55-60 Day Flower Period)

So as a good friend suggested, I took the day off from work. Luckily, I can do that!!

If you’ve been following, all of my attention has been on the near death experience of my 8 Ball plant. I was determined it would finish with a last gasp by this weekend. Because the Sweet Tooth was so hardy and healthy, I really wasn’t watching the signs, just the days on the calendar. Read.Your.Plants. (and put the nute schedule down).
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The rest is well documented above: I took too many photo’s so I will pick a few.
The rough trim begins.


More Photo’s & Tags
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Sweet Tooth Rough Trim Continued


Georgeous, simply georgeous!


Thanks VM @Laurap
@peachfuzz @Smokin_ernie @Sirsmokes @bonnie1 @AnneBonny @Capt_Seeweed @Donaldj @BobWags

Onward to the 8 Ball Plant
I think it’s ready pistil wise (though a few perimeter cola’s could go another day or two). But this a.m. not a amber trich to be found.
Ignore the Coon Cat hair, wow better get a pair of 4.0 glasses at the pharmacy and a good pair of tweezers huh @bob31

Buds (variety from all over canopy)