One day later she looks unhappy

My auto looked beautiful the day before now today shes not as perky. Possible she needs water again? Has only been 2 days and roughly a half gallon of water. Was every 4-5 days im guessing shes drinking more now that shes flowering?


From the looks in pic 2 the unhappy one your medium looks very saturated still if the pot heavy like its water logged or light like its dry my gues is you may have over watered also how big of a pot is she in?


4 gallon pots she had very little run off.

Defintely needs more than a half gallon. I’m giving a full gallon, in 3 gallon pots, every 3 days. You should get about 20% runoff, meaning a gallon in, almost a quart out.


@Borderryan22 that’s exactly what I’m getting in my 3 gallon pots. I’m still new to this but she looks to be overwatered. I could be completely wrong tho. I am new to this. Is wait a day or two and see if she perks up


It’s going to be difficult to determine a watering frequency based on weight because that net will make it difficult to lift. So I’d recommend this:

After your next watering to your desired runoff level. Then simply wait for her to start to wilt, then subtract 12 hours. You should then know how often to water. Letting her start to wilt once won’t hurt her a bit.

And remember this… They recover from underwatering much faster than they do from over watering. Good luck - she looks great!


Any chance this is a couple hours before lights out?
Or just after lights on?

About 4 hours into 12 on cycle

Great advice first grow but the scrog netting does pose advantages and disadvantages for sure. Ill try that simple 12 hour water calculation when she gets droopy. Thanks


Well im thinking she wanted water she already seems to be enjoying her drink this morning slowly perking up.