One Big Journal

Mid week 3
Cleaned her up a bit

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Get the 4b the 3 is old and won’t have the functionality the 4 does

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@ashhhh I am with you… Just waiting on purchase approval from wife.
Going to do this instead of getting the uis system from ac infinity.
That would take a bunch of new controllers and stuff… This seems way cooler… Plus I have an extra 65" plasma TV just waiting for this.

Fingers crossed… Will keep you informed so I don’t hold you up.
This will also give me the excuse to get a couple apogee light sensors.
Tax refund coming this week already… Both state and federal… Just submitted them online through hrblock last Wednesday. That is quick!

Also… Just got my veg tent setup for the season… Had to take down the grow room in December before harvest due to a furnace issue… That sucked big time… Hid my four almost done plants in my shower…cannot wait to own rather than rent.

Gonna start a journal soon. I’ll tag you.

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@PharmerBob Excellent that’s the one in my Amazon wish list… Along with this:

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@Fiefie920 im out of likes but no worries you’re not holding me up. I might take my time with this project anyway so we can just keep each other in the loop.

I’m trying to minimize my costs so I wont be getting any apogee sensors. I use the photone app to measure ppfd and will just get the prebuild sensors like Bob mentioned. Its a good toy to have though you’ll love it.

Yeah I gotta do my taxes too so I gotta hit up hrblock this week. Sorry to hear about the issues u had, but at least you’re back in the game now. I’ll check out your journal I see you tagged me there.

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@ashhhh Good news! Wife seems cool with it… Probably order next week with tax refund.

@Fiefie920 thats awesome!!! I’ll see how my appointment goes with hrblock and get my rent out of the way for next month and will get on that raspberry pi 4. For now I’ll get the sensors and smart plug and flash disk. Will keep you posted :grin:

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@PharmerBob sounds good. Thanks again. I’ll tag you here again once I get things together.

Btw, I’m still going through your journal and so far I’m amazed by all the work and dedication you put into your grow man. I salute you :saluting_face:

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Nice… Good luck… I used the software… First time in years I haven’t had to do complex taxes… I used to do freelance tooling engineering and IT. Taxes stink.

I got lucky and already have a bunch of govee hygrometers and smart plugs.
I am going with the raspberry model you had shown a 4 model b with 8gb on board memory… Then picked the fastest sd card I could afford. The IT guy in me wants super fast.

@PharmerBob Would you please recommend cases for the raspberry board?

@Fiefie920 Thank you I hope I get a nice chunk back this year.

Yeah I want to get the V90 disk you posted. I want things to be running fast. Don’t hate me if I bug you with questions as I might have to lean on you a bit. I’m not an IT guy and never worked with any smart systems or even coding. I’m sure we’ll get things figured out together. I can already tell you’re way ahead of me in the game so you’ll have to teach me :sweat_smile:

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@ashhhh One thing I have found is once I get myself past any fear and just try… Most things are complicated by their complexity… But I break it down, keep track… Next thing I know something is ripped apart… Am I am going Holy @#$&!

Next I start looking at and smelling stuff to see if something is burned out. Mechanical is easy… Coding… Once you know what stuff does isn’t to bad… It’s coming up with “if” statements, “loops” that sift through stuff and grab what’s needed… Get past that it’s not so bad.

I’ve been coding/programming since the 5th grade, I just turned 51. Most people or schools didn’t have computers…basic language. Things are much different now. Raspberry Pi is going to be a new hobby I think.

@Fiefie920 I hear you. I never thought I could this and here we are :smiley: I would love to learn how to code and this will be the beginning of it. I’m 29 so I got a lot of catching up to do :sweat_smile:

I think so too haha Im excited for this. One other thing I need for this hobby is a new laptop. I’m using an old one that is beat up. Something cheap, yet efficient and reliable.

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K… Been doing some looking… We may want to search for deals on the raspberry Pi’s… Seems they are $200 on Amazon which is way more than their value. Due to supply issues and bots dominating purchases, sellers are charging huge prices. EBay might be better in price.

So we are essentially building a tiny computer.
We’ll need:
Raspberry Pi board
Power supply adapter
Case and cooling for it
SD card
HDMI mini to HDMI cable for display

@Fiefie920 Oh ok, thats good to know because I thought that’s what it’s valued at. The cost was the reason why I was telling you I’m going to wait and get it after i buy everything else :sweat_smile:.

So here’s what I got out of the list:
Power Supply Adaptor
HDMI mini to HDMI cable

What’s left:
Raspberry Pi 4
Raspberry case
Sd card
Kasa smart plug
Govee sensors

Now I have a question, is the Kasa smart plug necessary?

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I am not sure if that brand is I have govee smart plugs… 3-4 unused sitting around.

They would be for turning on & off devices.

I was going to get an inkbird to connect to my humidifier but I guess I can also use these to integrate everything together into one system instead of separately.

Thank you @Fiefie920 I wonder if we’ll find the Raspberry at a cheaper price.

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GeeekPi Raspberry Pi Mini Tower Kit with QC3.0 Power Supply, Raspberry Pi 4 Case with ICE Tower Cooler, 0.96’’ OLED Module, RGB Fan, Raspberry Pi Heatsink, GPIO Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi 4B

This one is awesome and it keeps it cool

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The smart plugs are just the easiest ones I’ve found to integrate into home assistant. You can use any really but these I know work and you won’t have to buy another to make it work.

They will turn on/off anything you connect them to and will allow you to set up automation based on the data received from the hygrometers.

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Checking ebay… Got a couple that are on my watchlist. I like buy it now, not much into bidding… More of a ninja last second bidder.