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@2GreenThumbs Happy to have you tagging along. So far she smells nice. Kinda like coffee :grin:

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A strain that smells like coffee sounds very interesting as there are a lot of coffee junkies in this world including me.

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@2GreenThumbs That makes two of us

Hey @PharmerBob I heard you’re into building your equipment and monitoring system.

I was wondering if you’re familiar with Grafana/Loki/Prometheus dashboards or anything similair? I want to build something similair to the below pic. Here are some details that I have regarding that grow setup. Im trying to get in touch with the grower to get all details but in the meantime thought I’d ask here.

This is such a cool ass setup but seems very high tech and I’m not on that level :sweat_smile: but if I can build anything similair to get things dialed in better in my grow then i’m willing to learn.

Additional info that is just related to the grow setup:

-Fan above the lights - Up to the ceiling. , draws air up and down the walls to circulate the air more evenly without direct wind, causing vpd variation at canopy level


PS. All of this is gibberish to me, I copied it from a reddit post hoping someone here understands all of this and help me understand it. That way others can also benefit from it.


@ashhhh I… Want… That!

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@Fiefie me too, buddy, me too….

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Home assistant

he most likely built the dashboard which is the most fun but annoying aspect .

Get a raspberry pi, and flash a as card with home assistant operating system then start it up!

Your basically adding anything WiFi/ Bluetooth into this system then displaying the data that’s being sent to the dash.

You can also work with data stream to create new data I.e temp & humidity become vpd


His display just happens to be a 80” tv. As long as you can connect to internet you can display your data the same way!

It’s not fancy it’s the future! From my phone it looks like


Arduino is a programming tool for micro computers (slaves) they Dont do much but take orders from a master. Sending and receiving data is their main function, arduino explains how’s the process that data. Some are water/ light sensors

Most arduino units are poorly constructed and exposed wiring isn’t the most professional look. I’d go with prebuilt sensors and make life easier.

I have this all in my thread kinda but no one seemed interested


Thank you for your response @PharmerBob well I’m interested and I need to set something up like this to dial things in my tents properly. You tell me what to do and I’m listening. I’ll check out your journal today and see what I can learn.

I have a few questions
So first thing is buy this here with a flash card and install the home assistant operating system. What type of flashcard?

How do I work with stream data and integrate it into all this?
I agree the exposed wires is not a good look. Where do I get the pre-built sensors from?
Anything else I need?
Please bear with me as all of this is new to me. Id love to learn from you how to work with these tools and was wondering if you have the capacity to walk me through the process.


Goto raspberry pi website and download the flasher

Flash scan disk card with home assistant using raspberry pi official software

Hookup a monitor using a mini hdml- hdml cord

It will walk you through the setup of the server

Once you have done that you can log into your home assistant server using its ip address followed by :8123

You will be overwhelmed by the amount of options you have after that!


Faster the better not all sd cards are made equally

Lexar Professional 1667x 128GB SDXC UHS-II Card, Up To 250MB/s Read, for Professional Photographer, Videographer, Enthusiast (LSD128CBNA1667)

Not the fastest but it’s a middle of the pack card, v90’s out perform these


Govee makes hygrometers - they almost automatically connect to home assistant!

You can then use smart outlets to turn on/off ac, humidifier , fans , dehumidifier based on the data received from just 1 govee hygrometer

Govee Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer 3 Pack, Bluetooth Humidity Temperature Gauge with Large LCD Display, Notification Alert with Max Min Records, 2 Years Data Storage Export for Room Greenhouse, Black

3 of them is overkill but it’s a good price

Kasa Smart Plug Mini, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet Works with Alexa & Google Home, Wi-Fi Simple Setup, No Hub Required – A Certified for Humans Device (HS105)

These outlet integrate easily into home assistant as well. There plenty of tutorials as well I can link you to if needed to add them


@PharmerBob thank you so much for all the info and resources. So just to make sure I got the complete list right.

Raspberry pi then download the flasher and the home assistant software from the website

Flashscan disk card

Kasa smart plug

Govee hygrometer

Did I get that right?

Sorry this is all new to me and a little overwhelming as I’m not experienced with this stuff. Once I get all this is it ok to reach out to you to walk me through it? If its easier we can message through another app. Repins was saying you guys were always exchanging ideas via phone or something. Let me know whats convenient for you


This software on your pc or laptop - it will download the home assistant image and flash the sd card

It’ll be easy once you have your server running using the pi4b!

Install a few things on there and your off to the races with just about anything


Sounds good thank you. @PharmerBob I’m downloading the imager now. I might be able to find an sd flash card today at a store instead of ordering it from amazon. Once I get it. I flash it with the imager then plug that sd card into that raspberry pi device I need to buy?

Im sorry man but everything here is gibberish to me :sweat_smile: im just going to follow these instructions and hope for the best lol I’ll let you know when I get this stuff and tag you here. Hopefully I dont mess this up

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@PharmerBob and @ashhhh

I am along with you on this!

Thank you @PharmerBob for all the information.

I hope you both have a great weekend!


@Fiefie thats great! Lets build it together :grin: let me know when you get the components

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@PharmerBob Does it matter which raspberry pi model I get?

I see there’s 3 and 4 with different capacities.

Bought some insulation foam boards to put under my tents. The bottom of the tent gets cold during winter so this should fix the problem.

Wildberry Fumes
Day 7

They started stretching so I raised them a bit

Got an Aloe Vera to use for cloning

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