Once, Twice, Three times Crazy /\ or /\ Strawberry(Cheesecake) Fields for (N)ever

Going into the last quarter with these two survivors.
This is the “twisty” one in the red dirt mix. :arrow_down:

This is “crazy straw” in the brown dirt mix. :arrow_down:

Looking at around 4-5 weeks left here.
This is the next generation. Watermelon zkittles and Jack Herer autos. Not sure which is which.LOL

HAPPY GROWING! :crazy_face:

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So, this grow is really not going well at all. :cry:
Swampy is dead, Red has turned yellow all except the buds themselves and Brown is looking real pale.
Lost those two “next generation” sprouts to excessive heat, smashed a Runtz seed trying to open the damn thing and I am pretty sure my NL seed was cracked/chipped in the envelope and may not sprout.
All hope is now riding on a WW seed that does not seem to want to sink in the water. :confounded:
I may have to harvest Red too early in order to salvage what is there. She is about 50% brown pistils and trichs are slightly foggy at best. She should go another 3 weeks minimum IMO but if it continues to degrade I will chop.

Red :arrow_down:

Brown :arrow_down:

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Just in case anyone is still lurking and for my own reference later, I am gonna babble for a bit :speaking_head:
So, it’s been a few days and sickly looking red is still “green” so to speak even though there is not much actual green there except for buds.(see pics earlier post) Pistils are maybe 75/25 brown/white, trichs are misty/foggy, not very cloudy.
I figure every day she is still attached to her roots is one more day to ripen.
I keep thinking I will have to chop “within a week or so” but the deadline keeps getting pushed back.
She is now 63 days from 1st leaf and close to 6 weeks in flower. Supplier’s website says 12 weeks from seed to harvest so at worst I will have to harvest 3 weeks early and settle for some speedy weedie.
Brown looks like she will likely make it to the finish line as she has a lot more “living” vegetation.
Personally, I will be glad when this “experiment” is over.
I will be ordering seeds soon and my future grows will be much more mundane as in regular potting soil/perlite/peat mix.
I have my Ph and PPM meters now and have decided to try “Humbolt’s Secret” 2 part veg-to-flower nutes along with Cal-Mag w/iron and a 15-30-15 water soluble bloom booster for the big finish. My tap water is usually around 6.5 or 7 and PPMs in the low 100s. So, good base I think. “Ph down” or baking soda to adjust with.
My last WW seed finally seems to be sprouting a tail and an Orange Sherbet also sank and is now on a damp paper towel. I also have 1 bagseed sprout to play with.
Pictures this weekend maybe…

Put her on 10/14 to force her to finish faster and it you can lower your Temps by 5 degrees !

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Well, I took the plunge and ordered seeds this AM.
A little nervous as this is the first time I have ordered directly and my state is one of the least friendly . :grimacing:
Going for the 10+10 deal on WW auto that Robert is offering.

@HMGRWN don’t stress , now don’t post the stealth packaging just so you don’t give away the tactics, but the team is aware of that just so they can earn your business ! Blessings and just hurry up and wait and you’ll be thankful you did .

The end is in sight!
In 2 weeks the two remaining crazy train girls will have reached the supplier’s estimated harvest time.
The healthier of the two (red) will likely go a couple of weeks beyond for more couch-lok effect.
The one that turned yellow and lost all it’s leaves has “recovered” some and I am happy that she will make it to the finish.
I was convinced earlier that she would have to be chopped way too early with too many trichs that were still kinda clear.
Snapped a couple of pics but my camera skills are not so good and it is hard to get the focus I want.

overhead view :arrow_down:

sorta close up :arrow_down:

She is getting water only from this point.
Hard to see in these shots but she has little foxtails all over. I raised and turned down the lights to slow them down I hope.

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OK so close enough for govt. work…LOL
After sampling, the plant from the last post was chopped and dried whole.
Now trimmed down to bud size ready for the Grove Bags although the Rh looks low. Hoping it is actually higher than it shows right now.(54%)
Very rough “trim” but I am not looking to sell or win any awards with it. Still blows away by 3x what I can get locally so I am happy and unfortunately, my wife doesn’t really seem to notice the difference in this and ditch weed. As long as it smokes, she just tokes whatever we got. Strange since she is an avid, long-term smoker who has gone 1200 miles just for top shelf medical grade…but I digress.
Total smoke worthy haul comes to around 70g. :dizzy: Better than I expected TBH
It has a funky smell that is hard to describe but not unpleasant. Certainly not “strawberry” but maybe “cheesy”? :nose:t2: :cheese:
Her sister still lives and will be getting water only and reduced light for a few more weeks. Not looking like as big a haul from her but we shall see. :face_with_monocle:

Oh, and the ziplok is just temporary to get accurate Rh and weight.

@PurpNGold74 @Bobbydigital @LongtimeListener_FirsttimeCaller @nicholas1


Proof of life LOL

Yesterday was “12 weeks from seed” as claimed by the supplier. Still holding out for some amber trichs. 18" tall and main cola is 9".


More likely 14-16 from seed. But absolutely BEAUTIFUL

Definitely was not “perfect growing conditions”. This was a rough grow and ill advised experiment.
They all did start flower very early so it has been flowering for 8 weeks, about average for an auto.

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So the autos veg for 4-6 weeks and than it will go into flower automatically for 8 more weeks , don’t mean it will grow in 8 weeks ? I ain’t had not one finish less than 3 months yet !

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Yup basically. They will go longer or shorter… ticking time bombs. But 3 months is a good assumption


I took the less amount of mixing route @PurpNGold74 , I’m doing 5-8-4 Happy Frog Fox Farm fertilizers, with
1-34-32 Flower Fuel and 5-1-1 Alaska Fish and in flower I’m going to do the Fertilome 9-58-8 for when it decides to start flowering and I’ll also add 1.25 mls of Open Sesame once she starts going .

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@PurpNGold74 the Jack Herer auto I’m doing 5-4-2 Bio-Live fertilizers with the 5-1-1 Alaska Fish , and in bloom it will
1-34-32 Flower Fuel and 9-49-32
Cha-Ching and the other OG Kush I have not really decided but I’ll used the
0-50-30 with the 5-1-1 and in bloom maybe a half and half of the 5-8-4 and the 5-4-2 with the trio all 3 , I’m not sure yet , out taking the Mrs. To get her follow up on the Lambda variant , the delta had her just weak , this time it’s the cough , but she going get the shot after this episode I think .
For poor Ole me , I’m just gone keep drinking :cocktail: my bloody Mary’s with Armadillo blood and liver lverton nurmictin Cattle and Swine dewormer , it’s working in the prison up here for the inmates , they shooting them with horse :racehorse: dewormwr

Well, she’s showing clear signs that the end is near. Seeing big color changes in the leaves but trichs are still slow to darken. I am thinking not more than a week or 2 at the most before the chop.

(The 2 green plants with her are bagseed playthings) :arrow_up: :arrow_down:

(This one is a clone being rooted to force into flower) :arrow_up:

colors :drooling_face:

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