Once, Twice, Three times Crazy /\ or /\ Strawberry(Cheesecake) Fields for (N)ever

So far all I see that is of any concern is the bug snacking on a couple of leaves (@PurpNGold74 brought this possibility up earlier), the fading fan leaves on swamp (normal I think) and it seems the dirt mixture is settling more than I would like. I “massaged” all 3 pots to loosen after watering but will definitely add more perlite to next mixes. (@yoshi brought this issue up early on and I felt there was enough). Time will tell for sure but it would not have hurt to have more drainage/ looser soil.
I am pretty happy with the node spacing but was hoping for more tops. Maybe I am showing my impatience and the tops are coming. I mean after all they are just a month old, right?
I still think 3 weeks is pretty early to start flower even though the specs say 10-12 weeks seed to harvest for these girls.

The swamp mix one is showing signs of some deficiency today. No pics to show but I am adding some potassium and have clipped the worse affected leaves. Next watering will include cal+mag. Hopefully this will be a non-issue. The other 2 are doing well I think.

I plead da fif! Lol. But u know what we thinking… gotta get off that 7 dust man. All 3 are fully into flower (albeit a tad sooner then you preferred lol) and just cant see smoking that stuff. But yea…

If anything id possibly do some selective defoliating to Red and Swamp to allow more light to lowers. Other then that im not seeing much. Close up on the deficiency?

Yeah I regret using the sevin and won’t continue with it.
As stated, I removed about a half dozen or so leaves from swamp and agree that red could use a trim also. I will get some pics later this eve.
The least trained one (brown) is really stretching compared to the other 2. So far I am raising the short ones to match but may have to do something about the naturally tall one. So far raising shorties is sufficient but hate to find myself in late flower and running out of vertical space.
They are all outside today getting some natural light. :sun_with_face: :dash: and :bug: :ant: :cricket: :beetle: :spider_web: LOL

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**HAPPY 4TH OF JULY ** to all my fellow Americans. Be safe and enjoy our freedom’s birthday. :tada: :boom: :firecracker: :fireworks: :sparkler:


@PurpNGold74 @Bobbydigital @yoshi Here are some pics of my girl with the “sniffles”.

So far it is only the large fan leaves. The sugar leaves look pretty good IMHO.
This one (swampy) has been topped once only and the 2 tops tied down just a little.
Possible Ph problem due to the acidic nature of the soil? I did mix in some lime but maybe a top dressing boost?


What kind of ppms are you getting in the runoff?

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Unfortunately, I do not have a ppm meter. I just recently got a Ph pen. I am cheapskate like that.

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Lol horrible answer but happens. Was the ph effed?

Just watered yesterday but I made a slurry with some 7.0 Ph tap water a little while ago and it only went up a couple of points to like 7.2 or 7.3 so probably not a Ph issue right?

You want to slurry with distilled or RO water. Tap will throw it off.

RO does not need to check Ph before hand correct?

Correct. That’s why you use it for a slurry test. Because it takes on the ph of the media you put it into.

So to be clear, I make a juicy mud then strain some liquid to test. Yes?

Slurry reads 8.0 …kinda the opposite of what I would have thought.
Should I try to amend the soil or water with lower Ph to compensate?

You didn’t let the slurry sit long enough. Give it 12-24 hours

That thought did cross my mind…thanks for your help and patience. I will go ahead and make slurry for all 3 and let them “cook” over night.
Also,can you recommend an economy TDS meter? I guess it is pretty much invaluable to a good grow.

TDS meters are relatively cheap. It’s the ph meters you don’t want to cheap out on.

Thanks, and I got the Apera 20 for my Ph meter. Not top of the line but several people here use it.

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I have one as well. Also have a ph60

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