Once, Twice, Three times Crazy /\ or /\ Strawberry(Cheesecake) Fields for (N)ever

@HMGRWN swamp dirt has great micro nutrients from the bracket waters .

I like it.

And a spider lives in that gap on the edge. LOL

Family photo 2 angles.

Had all 3 in bondage already but brown dirt did not like it so letting her grow natural I think. That one is lighter color too.
All 3 are doing well so far. Coming up on one week as official seedlings! :tada:


@Quickness48 tag, you are it. LOL

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So what’s up? I had my popcorn ready everything looking for some updates.:joy::joy::joy:

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NEW UPDATED PICS! :mag_right:

So, Brown dirt likes being upright. She is noticeably lighter colored and obviously bigger. I topped her and left the other two tied down in a cruel bizarre fashion.


They are freshly watered with some Grow Big left over from earlier. They have been mostly outside in the “critter cage” and covered the top with a crusty opaque shower curtain for bright but not scorching sunlight. Had to bring them in yesterday because of company coming but they are back in the sorta outdoors.
I have some nasty smelly home made Cal+Mag solution for later.


@HMGRWN are you going to Lst?

2 of them are already bent 90 deg right at dirt level. The taller one that was topped will get some shaping but not as severe.

I think… :man_shrugging:t2:

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Side bar:
My wife and I have decided to quit smoking… tobacco products to be exact.
We are using a method that worked for me (somewhat) years ago when I was in the army stationed overseas.
When the cravings get bad, just smoke something else. Back then I used hashish, today I have a pile of bud trim.
Been just over a week “cold turkey” and although she sleeps a lot we are doing good.
Savings so far: $63.00. Might reward ourselves with some new equipment.


Have to bring the kids in for a couple of days. They will not like the artificial light as much as the real deal but the gulf is threatening to “get out of it’s banks” so to speak. Looks like some heavy weather for the next couple of days. :partly_sunny: :sun_behind_large_cloud: :cloud_with_lightning: :tornado: :cyclone: :sun_behind_rain_cloud: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :sun_behind_large_cloud:


@HMGRWN avoid caffeine as well as much as you can due to one feeding off the other once it’s combined in the immune system . Caffeine craving can also boost nicotine cravings . Just my .01 ?

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Unfortunately that is my other weakness. I am a tea drinker, unsweetened and strong all day. Average nearly a gallon a day.

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@HMGRWN try dipping to off set the headaches if needed are you can chew the tobacco out the cigarette and swallow it and that actually will turn you off of cigarettes for a very long long time, I have no clue on how or why , I just know it works and salted peanuts in a hot coke helps !

Coming up on 3 weeks old. The last few days have been wet and overcast but still better quality light than the LEDs.(IMHO)
They are still out on the patio and protected from the rain. They are all doing good and have different “personalities”. Getting a first hand look at how just much LST actually stunts the plant. I actually started tying them down way too soon but will get a couple of interesting shaped plants. The one that is least tied down(brown dirt)is going to be a giant compared to the other 2. Her biggest fan leaf could nearly cover the whole plant in swamp dirt.
Starting to look like there will be staggered harvests for these 3 if they continue as they are. That is a good thing I think.
New pictures tomorrow or Thursday maybe.

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Here are the triplets at approx 3 weeks old. It is lights out.

Red dirt :arrow_up: working on a spiral around the pot.

swamp dirt :arrow_up: sort of an aborted LST. May top this one.

Finally brown dirt :arrow_up: she has been topped and I am spreading her out a bit. This one is showing sex already! Just a few white hairs sticking out of some nodes.
They came inside early this afternoon because weather is unsettled and I want the pots to dry more before watering again.
Also top dressed with a super secret homemade fertilizer and massaged it into the top inch of soil. (I may reveal the recipe if it does not kill them.LOL)
Love the color. :green_heart:

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Sorry for the blurry pic but I can’t get close enough for a clear shot yet.
P1010001 (32)
Believe it or not, this is a white female mockingbird. She has been hanging around for the past week or so at least. When I say “white” I mean snow freakin’ white. Not albino as she has dark eyes and legs. I say she as “she” is trying to attract a mate from amongst the local bachelors.
I am still stalking her and will try to get a better photo.